Radar level meter in the application of the large chemical storage tanks

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-29
According to different materials, the chemical tank generally fall into three categories, namely: the metal tank, non-metal tank, metal and non-metallic composite tanks. Because of these chemical storage tank volume is big, shape of chemical storage tank will need to be a perennial placed in outdoor, so installation in chemical storage tank level measurement instrument must have quality features such as high precision and reliability. At present, the commonly used in the application in the chemical storage tank level measurement instrument have float liquid level gauge, magnetic flap liquid level meter, ultrasonic level meter and radar level gauge and so on. According to the different measuring principle, method and working characteristics of each instrument has its own advantages and scope of application. Today, we will focus on discuss the application of radar level gauge in chemical storage. First of all, in order to better understand the application of radar level gauge in chemical storage, we first to get to know the measurement principle of radar level gauge. The working principle of radar level gauge is very simple, usually has three steps: emission and reflection and receiving. Based on high frequency wave guide, the design principle of radar level gauge of microwave pulse transmission electromagnetic wave signal by PTFE emitter from the end of the antenna, transmitting wave will create reflected in the material surface under test, the reflection of the echo signal is received by the antenna. Travel through the time extension technology principle, can accurately calculate the transmitted pulse and pulse interval, thus further to determine the antenna on the surface of the measured medium distance. In practice, especially in the condition of more complex cases, has a lot to the possibility of the existence of false echoes. In order to avoid false echo, meter Rada - 21 high frequency pulse radar level gauge adopts automatic false echo suppression function, can be smart to eliminate interference, fixed accurately identify level echo. Second, what need to be aware of radar level gauge has the characteristics of its application in large chemical storage tanks have what advantage. In general, radar level gauge has the following features and benefits: 1, the high accuracy due to the electromagnetic wave is not affected by the environment, and radar level gauge and storage tanks, medium without any contact, so radar level gauge can still even in harsh conditions quickly and accurately measure. 2, wide range of liquid medium to be measured microwave signal similar to visible light, has a good penetrability, the reflected power depends on the conductivity and dielectric constant of measured medium, the dielectric constant, the greater the reflection effect of echo signal, the better, so the chemical properties of different liquid medium, such as toxic medium, corrosive medium, such as liquid and slurry medium, radar level gauge can be a good fit for measuring work. 3, safety, energy saving due to the microwave radar transmitted power is small, can be the outer wall of metal containers electrostatic shielding, so the application of radar level gauge restricted by area small and harmless to the human body. 4, wide applicable scope according to the shape of tank, radar level gauge of spherical tank, lie the tank and cylindrical tank and cylindrical tank liquid level measurement, such as vertebral bodies; According to the features of tank, storage tank, the buffer tank can be, microwave tube, the liquid level in the by-pass pipe measurement. From the working principle of the radar level gauge and product features, it is not hard to see its application in the chemical storage advantage is very obvious. Next, we take a look at the cone antennas, paraboloid antenna and three kinds of radar level gauge rod antennas how specific application in large chemical storage tanks. 1, with the cone antenna of radar level gauge is suitable for large measurement range of chemical storage tanks, Suggestions will be installed on the roof or install guided wave tube. 2, with a parabolic antenna radar level gauge is suitable for liquid and solid material measurement applications, because of its narrow radar beam, can be applied to large range of chemical storage tanks. In addition, the parabolic antenna of radar level gauge bonded liquid can also be used for existence, such as asphalt, the operation condition of the liquid sulfur. 3, rod antenna radar level gauge size is small, suitable for sanitary requirements or corrosive chemical material measurement applications. Because of radar level gauge is meet the requirements of the high measurement accuracy and automation degree, also ensures a certain degree, stability and repeatability of measurement for the factory, workshop run efficiently laid a good foundation, for level measurement of large chemical storage tanks, radar level gauge is a best choice.
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