Radar level gauge upgrade system compare the advantages of traditional measurement methods and its application in oil production station

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-05
In this paper: production station measuring instrument equipment upgrading work is an important work, through the measuring instrument and equipment upgrade, can effectively reduce the labor intensity, and improves the accuracy of measuring, provides guarantee to the normal operation of production. In this paper introduces some production station after reviewing tank gauge transformation process. Before the station library transformation, production station crude oil metering work has been using artificial meter reading, gauging reading mode. Laboratory work every two hours need to assay, the parties have oil water cut is high also need encryption to do sample; Every two small repeat measurement work, i. e. every two small need a meter, and transfer data to the dispatching regularly. And artificial measurement work every day, but also for each big tank gauging, for each big pot of water cut of crude oil to do sample, all these data summary to the resposible, resposible tank inventory calculated through summarizing the basis of the data, thus to guide the production run. This way of metrological work task not only heavy, measurement data are vulnerable to external environment factors and operation experience level employees. In order to improve the management level of measurement, production station automation equipment of radar level gauge was used to improve the original crude oil metering technology, the comparison of traditional measurement and upgraded system: the traditional way of metrological work measurement tasks, measurement results are vulnerable to external environmental factors, the worker operating experience level, appear error varies from person to person, there is great uncertainty; Real time control of the production data, the traditional measurement methods can't be unable to production guide provide detailed and accurate data, the lack of a clear production guidance subjectivity; Traditional measurement methods can't guarantee the safety in production, do not have security alarm function, and easy production liability accident. ( A) Radar level gauge compared with mechanical level gauge the level of production informatization stand library after modification, on the basis of traditional adopt mechanical level meter has carried on the innovation, opening radar level gauge of oil tanks, automate the total measurement, automation degree higher than ever before. The following detailed comparative analysis. 1 mechanical level gauge for oil storage tank, is main parameters volumetric metering tank liquid level, known as the method of liquid level measurement. The old method of liquid level measurement technology are mainly composed of various kinds of steel belt float liquid level gauge, steel belt level gauge is a kind of traditional liquid level gauge. It is the use of mechanical balance principle of design and production. It is by the liquid level detection device, the high precision displacement transmission system, constant force device, display device, and other peripherals. Working principle: dip in the measured liquid float by gravity, buoyancy and the role of the constant tension produced by constant force device, when three force vector and is equal to zero, float in the quasi equilibrium static state. When the liquid level changes, the original mechanical equilibrium under the float by the buoyancy of the disturbance, will move through the steel strip of reaching a new equilibrium. Liquid level detection device ( Float) According to the level of leading steel belt move, the displacement of the transmission system working through the movement of the steel belt drive pin rotation, which ACTS on the counter to display the level of the situation. Disadvantages: its main drawback is that the mechanical friction influence precision, error is bigger. Radar level gauge for oil storage tank, 2 volume measurement is the main parameter tank liquid level, known as the method of liquid level measurement. Old method of liquid level measurement technology production station has carried on the comprehensive automation transformation, construction has become a high automation control information station of libraries, crude oil metering work have greater development. Microwave pulse technology promotion, to the tank liquid level measurement method provides a new direction. Production station has carried on the comprehensive automation reform, the construction has become a high automation control information station of libraries, crude oil metering work have greater development. Working principle: the guided wave radar level gauge ( FIG. 1) Is based on time domain reflection principle on the basis of radar level gauge, electromagnetic pulse radar liquid level gauge with the speed of light along a wire or rod transmission, when the surface of the measured medium, some of the pulse is reflected form echo radar liquid level gauge and along the path to return to the same pulse transmitters, launcher with distance on the surface of the measured medium is directly proportional to the propagation time of the pulse in the meantime, the liquid level height is calculated. Technical advantage of guided wave radar level gauge: radar level meter for liquid, granule and slurry continuous material level measurement. Radar level gauge measurement is not affected by medium, temperature changes, inert gas and vapor, dust, foam, etc. The accuracy of radar level gauge is 5 mm, span of 60 meters, 250 ℃ high temperature resistant, 40 kg pressure, radar level gauge is suitable for the explosion danger area. Even if the condition is complex, also can use the debug software accurate analysis level echo. Radar level gauge has realized the 24-hour automatic metering tank liquid level. ( 2) Field application at present production station eight radar level gauge (5000 m3 tank are installed FIG. 2) , realized in any case the 24 hours of real-time monitoring, measuring timeliness, accuracy, anti-interference have gone up. Conducive to the personnel on duty in advance warning of judgment, as well as with the original record store and view function, greatly improved the production command and initiative. Conclusion in this paper to study the characteristics of radar level gauge and technology, combined with the database technology, through the development of the related monitoring and network application software, the field automation measurement and office automation system organically, and can be fully the use of information resources rationally, to solve the disadvantages of artificial metering, better service for production management and decision command, improving the accuracy and efficiency of the metrological work, promote the continuous improvement of management level. ( Release embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. )
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