Portable ultrasonic flowmeter in the oil field analysis of the application

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-23
With the development of science and technology and application development, ease of use and flexibility of instrumentation products for people put forward more requirements, at the same time, instrument industry product upgrading work are also accelerating, in recent years, there are many types of new instrument, the portable ultrasonic flowmeter is one of them. Portable ultrasonic flowmeter is a kind of ultrasonic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter, as a kind of work by ultrasonic time difference and doppler flow meter, because the flow measurement accuracy of ultrasonic flowmeter is almost not affected by measurement of body temperature, the effects of parameters such as pressure, viscosity, density, and can be made into non-contact and portable measuring instrument, it can solve the other type is difficult to measure by instrument of strong corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, radioactive and flammable and explosive medium flow measurement problem, its superior performance won the user's favorite. Portable ultrasonic flowmeter has the characteristics of fast installation, flexible use, but must master the accurate method when used. Through the summary of the on site operation experience for many years, found that the use of portable ultrasonic flowmeter is easily neglected problems, analysis of causes of the problem and put forward the solution to the problem. In addition, in view of the characteristics of non-contact measurement, combined with reasonable electronic circuit, an ultrasonic flowmeter can adapt to a variety of pipe diameter and flow range measurement, therefore, its ability to adapt the other instrument incomparable. This article is for the portable ultrasonic flowmeter applied in the production of specific characteristics to introduce to you, make friends for ultrasonic flowmeter has the characteristics of a more in-depth understanding, improve the ability and efficiency of instrument application. Using the portable ultrasonic flow timing easily neglected problems in the oil field is used by many units all portable ultrasonic flowmeter, its purpose is to as & other; Standard table & throughout; Check use, that is, to compare and test the accuracy of the flowmeter online, or the use of single well dosing water injection. But in actual use, many users due to the use of portable ultrasonic flowmeter points to master is bad, measure the effect is not ideal, and so on the portable ultrasonic flowmeter. How to correctly use the portable ultrasonic flowmeter, and make it better serve the oil field measurement is measurement staff need to research topic. Through many years of portable ultrasonic flowmeter verification conclusion statistics found that the technical index of the portable ultrasonic flowmeter with other speed flowmeter are basically the same, and when its linear velocity is large enough is better than other meter. So why occurs in the actual use of the portable ultrasonic flowmeter measurement are not allowed to be the problem? Through the FLD120 series portable ultrasonic flowmeter installation and error of probe and analysis summarized in aspects of piping material, found that users in the use of portable ultrasonic flow time easy to overlook the following several important questions. 1 input pipe parameters caused by the inaccurate error of the portable ultrasonic flowmeter probe on the outside of the pipe installation, it is direct measurement of the pipe fluid flow rate, flow velocity and pipe flow area of the product, and the duct area and the distance of the transducer installation is user according to the parameters of different measurement point calculated after human input flow meter, these parameters are accurate or not directly affect the measurement result. That is to say: if the input a set of inaccurate pipeline parameters, will directly cause the result of the measurement is not accurate, the experiment is as follows. ( 1) Enter the diameter error and the relationship between the experimental measurement results for FLD120Y1 - with a model A portable ultrasonic flowmeter, first installed in the pipeline of qualified standard position through the verification, in the pipes under the condition of fixed input error of different pipe diameter in order to comparing with the standard table. According to the above operation, in turn, installed in four different pipe diameter after the results compared with the standard table, the experimental results are shown in table 1. Measurement results from experiments can be concluded that the error is about 2 times the pipe diameter setting error of input, this is consistent with the theory of error transfer: by Q = л D2v/dq = 4 л DvdD / 2 & sigma; Q=dQ/Q=2dD/D=2σ D above: Q for fluid flow, D for pipe diameter, & sigma; Q for flow error, & sigma; D for pipe diameter error. Pipe diameter error caused by inaccurate input for on small diameter using the portable ultrasonic flowmeter for flow measurement but also nots allow to ignore. For example: inner diameter measurement error is also 1 mm * *, its inner diameter for DN1000 pipeline relative error is 0. 1%, and its inner diameter for DN100 pipeline relative error of 1. 0%. The flow rate is proportional to the square of the diameter, the same is 1 mm diameter measurement error to DN1000 pipeline flow measurement error brought by the only 0. DN100 around 3%, while the pipeline flow brought by the measurement error is about 3%, visible portable ultrasonic flowmeter using the bigger pipeline diameter measurement more accurate, the smaller the pipe diameter, measurement is more difficult to master. So a portable ultrasonic flowmeter is suitable for the measurement of large diameter pipeline. ( 2) Wall thickness error and measurement error of relationship with a model for FLD120Y1 - during the test A portable ultrasonic flowmeter, first installed in the pipeline of qualified standard position through the verification, * in the first installation position under the condition of constant wall thickness change input parameters and results compared with the standard table. Then according to the operation, in turn, on four different caliber pipeline measured results compared with the standard table, the experimental results are shown in table 2. Can be seen from the experimental data, the bigger the wall thickness input its measurement error is bigger. So the wall parameter input have a direct effect on the result of the measurement.
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