How to accurately and rapidly process of chemical equipment fault analysis and processing control instrument

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-05
With the speeding up of China's industrialization at present, in the process of industrial production is becoming more and more high automation level, emerged a large number of * * r&d, manufacture, sales and production process control instrumentation equipment, the intelligent control function, art and product quality superior product manufacturing equipment has played a significant role in the field of industrial control, for the improvement of the whole national economy production plays a great role in promoting. The process automation instrument equipment can have the function of automatic intelligent because of particularly high degree of electronic integration, equipment internal structure is more complicated and sophisticated, and the realization of the function of related automation, relied on the result of the collaborative work with both software and hardware, if equipment failure occurs in the operation, must be from the aspects of software and hardware at the same time to find the crux, especially the software fault is more difficult, for the instrument operation and maintenance personnel's quality put forward the new challenges. In actual work, the instrument from personnel of course of study not only need to be familiar with electrical and mechanical aspects of the principle of the instrument, also need to know the involved in the process of production of chemical works, the production process of related knowledge, and the content related to the equipment operating software, only to do so, can only be in fault occurs can rapidly and accurately judge the fault mechanism, to recover quickly and ensure the normal and stable production. This article is based on a large chemical plant process control instrument, through summarizing the process of production of common equipment failure, failure mechanism and the corresponding treatment measures, for the maintenance of other similar chemical equipment of process control instruments provide train of thought. A, valve positioner fault judgment and handling measures valve positioner is the main control valve accessories. It will stem the displacement feedback signal as the input signals, as set in the controller output signal, comparing, when there is deviation, change of its output signal to the actuator, the actuator movement, the valve stem is established displacement times and one to one correspondence relation between the controller output signal. As a result, the displacement of valve locator to stem for measuring signal, set in the controller output signal of the feedback control system. The control system of the control variables are valve locator to the output signal of the actuator. Table 1 valve locator name of fault common failure mechanism and failure solution 1, zero zero displacement screw loose phenomenon; 2, input air chamber diaphragm leakage; 3, stroke adjusting fastener ( Spell cap) Loose; 4, the CAM is loose; 1, tighten the zero parts, and to adjust the zero point; 2 amplifier, fastening screw, diaphragm damage should be replaced; 3, readjust the fastening piece; 4, fastening CAM; No 1, the stroke control dislocation; 2, CAM position displacement; 1, readjustment; 2, reinstall; Gas source, signal without output 1, the signal is negative after the; 2, constant orifice plug; 3, the output line; 4, torque motor short circuit; 1, signal reset correct; 2, use & lt; 0. 3 needle or copper wire dredging and blow pipe residual impurities; 3, check the output pipe; 4, check the reason, change torque motor components; Slow travel amounted to less than 1, the air pressure is not enough; 2, baffle and nozzle poor contact ( Poor sealing) ; 3, airway wall, the flow is too small; 4, diaphragm actuator air; 1, adjust air pressure; 2, adjust the nozzle baffle position; 3, dredge or replace trachea; 4 1, output pipeline leakage, replacement diaphragm oscillation; 2, after constant throttling orifices flux is too small; 3, CAM feedback components installed improperly, collisions with other components; 4, used to match small actuator output flow is too big; 1, tighten the trachea joints; 2, dredge constant throttling mouth; 3, readjust the installation location; 4, choke devices are added into the output line; Can't locate the two type 1, CAM position do not tally with the actuator works; 2, fixed screw loosening, feedback connection CAM rotation; 1, reinstall the CAM; 2, reinstall and fastening screws; Second, the flowmeter fault judgment and handling measures flowmeter: measurement of fluid flow meter. Usually divided into speed meter, such as differential pressure flowmeter, rotor flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, turbine flowmeter; Displacement meter, such as oval gear flowmeter, piston flow meter; Mass flow meter, such as inertia force flowmeter, compensating mass flowmeter, etc. Flowmeter of main fault phenomenon: meter does not display, flowmeter zero unstable or big deviation measurement. 1, the meter does not display the fault treatment principle and treatment measures to check the power supply wiring, power levels are correct; Correct connection.
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