Double flange differential pressure transmitter

by:KAIDI     2021-02-06
Differential pressure transmitter is measurement transducer pressure difference on both ends of the transducer, output standard signal ( Such as 4 ~ 20 ma, 0 to 5 v) 。 Differential pressure transmitter and pressure transmitter is different is that they all have two pressure interface, differential pressure transmitter generally divided into positive pressure side and suction side, under normal circumstances, the positive pressure differential pressure transmitter end pressure at the pressure should be greater than the negative pressure can be measured. Simulation model features low precision is high and low range, zero external continuous adjustable low good stable performance low positive transfer can amount to 500%, the negative transfer of 600% low two wire low damping adjustable, overpressure resistant low solid sensor design low no mechanical moving parts, maintenance quantity is little low light weight ( 2. 4公斤) Low whole series of unified structure, strong interchangeability low miniaturization ( Total 166 mm high) Low contact medium diaphragm material optional low unilateral withstand pressure low intelligent features low super low pressure casting aluminum alloy shell of measuring performance, used for pressure, differential pressure, liquid level, the flow measurement precision low Numbers: & plusmn; 0. : 25% low simulation precision & plusmn; 0. 5%± 0. 1% f。 S low can all sex: & plusmn; 0. 25 f。 S low stability in sex: 0. 25% low volume than 60 months: 100:1 low speed: 0. 2 s low miniaturization ( 2. 4公斤) All stainless steel flange, easy to install process connection compatible with other products, achieve the best measuring low in the world the only sensor with H alloy sheath ( Patent technology) And realize the good cold and hot stability, low using 16 computer intelligent transmitter 4 - low standards 20 ma, with digital signal based on HART protocol, remote control low support to field bus and upgrade based on the technology of field control. With remote transmission gear of the differential pressure transmitter /, to avoid directly on the transmitter isolation diaphragm measured medium contact provides a reliable measurement. With remote transmission device of the transmitter is applicable to the following conditions: 1, you need to high temperature medium from the transmitter. 2, corrosion transmitter sensitive element for measuring medium. 3, due to environment or measured medium temperature change and solidifying or crystallization. 4, replacement must be strictly to purify the measurement in the first five measured medium, suspending liquid or high viscosity medium 6, measuring head must maintain clean sanitation. 7, sealing pressure container. Installation instructions you may have noticed that, 4 - 20 ma current itself can be as the transmitter power, as shown in figure 1. Transmitter is equivalent to a special load in the circuit, is special in the transmitter power consumption between 4 ~ 20 ma current according to the sensor output. Display instrument you just need to string in the circuit. The transmitter only external 2 lines, therefore is called the two wire transducer. Industrial current loop the lower limit is 4 ma, so as long as within the scope of the range, at least 4 ma power transmitter. This makes the design of the two wire sensor possible. In industrial applications, the measurement point generally at the scene, and display devices or control equipment are generally in control room or control on the ark. Distance between the two may dozens to hundreds of meters. According to the one hundred meters distance calculation, save two signal transmission wire means lower costs nearly hundred dollars! The other four wire transducer and three-wire system transmitter because of asymmetric current in the conductor must use expensive shielded wire, and two wire transducer can use very cheap twisted-pair wires, so two wire system in the application of transducer is preferred.
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