Description is suitable for application of radar level gauge, Level gauge) The ten industrial production scene

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-17
Radar level meter because of their many advantages, has a wide application in the field of industrial production. Its advantages are mainly as follows: can accurately measured in a row, not affected by environment, measuring widely applications; Under the conditions of vacuum and pressure can be measured, and is accurate, safety and reliability, for a very small effect such as temperature, pressure, gas; Because do not contact directly with the measured medium, is almost zero maintenance; Have fault alarm and self-diagnosis function, can in a timely manner to determine fault excluded, make maintenance correction is more convenient and accurate, and ensure the normal operation of the instrument. Taken together, scope of application of radar level gauge is very wide, almost all medium can be measured, which are other types of instrument can only nearly as well. It can measure the container is not only the spherical tank, tank, for cylindrical tank and cylindrical tank liquid level measurement, such as vertebral bodies also. From the functions of tank, storage tank can be, buffer tank, microwave tube, the liquid level measurement in by-pass pipe; From the measured medium, the liquid, granules, such as slurry can be measured. In this paper, the radar for liquid level in the industrial production of 10 kinds of application scenarios do a brief introduction. 1, the steel industry production: coal coking, coal, JiaoCang, gas, coal tar and crude benzene tank sintering plant: sintering material mixing warehouse, cold back to mine, pellets warehouse iron: iron intermediate storehouse, high burden condition such as characteristic: the solid material measurement, strong dust, low dielectric constant, range far away. Tar, crude benzene volatile crystal furnace charge a high temperature, high dust attached selection application: solid measurement is given priority to with high frequency pulse radar level meter. Crude benzene and coal tar can be guided wave radar level meter. 2, coal industry production, the original coal, powder storage material level of coal, coal gangue, coal washing pool. Working characteristics: a typical solid materials measurement, strong dust, low dielectric constant, range far selection application: high frequency pulse radar level meter is given priority to. 3, the cement industry production: raw material storage, raw meal homogenization, clinker, finished-parts storage library, the original coal, gypsum, fly ash storehouse libraries, slag cement warehouse working characteristics: a typical solid materials measurement, strong dust, low dielectric constant, range far away. Selection of application: the high frequency pulse radar level meter is given priority to. 4, power industry, thermal power, hydropower, biomass power production: ( Thermal power) Raw coal and pulverized coal storehouse, circulating tank, low capacity of water, lime stone powder silo, ash hopper material level, the working condition of ash storehouse, desulfurization tower level libraries, slag characteristics: solid materials measurement, strong dust, low dielectric constant, range far away. Low water desulfurization tower of high temperature and high pressure liquid level bubble, water vapor, crystallization, selection of spray to interference, side application: solid material is given priority to with high frequency pulse radar level gauge measurement. Desulfurization tower high and low water level application of guided wave radar level commonly used low frequency radar level meter 5, non-ferrous metallurgical industry aluminum, nickel, zinc, titanium industry production: ( Aluminum) Pulp tank, stripping tank, flash kettle, stripping tank, flocculation tank, settling tank, after decomposition groove, working condition of alumina powder storehouse features: all kinds of chemical reaction environment in high temperature, strong, stirring or water vapor corrosion factors selection application: aiming at the effects of high temperature and water vapor, refer to the factors such as corrosion, scale, stirring, hanging choice guided wave radar or low frequency radar level meter. Solid measurement is still preferred hf radar level meter. 6, water conservancy industry application: hydrological monitoring and flood control alarm, farmland irrigation condition characteristic: far signal transmission, low power supply voltage, the installation position is affected by the levees, DAMS priority selection small beam Angle of radar wave type application: choosing with MODBUS protocol hf radar level gauge, food and pharmaceutical industry production: edible oil, soybean meal storage condition characteristic: simple tank environment, or have a precision demands, medicine and health food industries antenna selection application: high precision of measurement environment preference hf radar level gauge with health requirements, should choose the material conform to the hygiene seal type antenna 8, foundry industry, petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry production, oil chemical industry: crude, gasoline tank, diesel tank, gas tanks etc. Coal tar chemical industry: reference coal industry calcium carbide chemical: coal, calcium carbide warehouse working characteristics such as: solid materials measurement, strong dust, low dielectric constant, range far away. Terminal measurement environment is simple, may have the precision requirement of natural gas spherical tank pressure, small dielectric constant gas tank level measurement is shock interference echo all sorts of different conditions of chemical reaction kettle type application: solid material is given priority to with high frequency pulse radar level gauge measurement. Precision requirement of all kinds of oil depot, spherical tank preference hf radar prone to oscillation disturbance signal of the gas holder is limited to select high frequency radar chemical reaction kettle 9 parameters selection according to the actual conditions, environmental protection and water treatment industry link: Wells, coarse grid and fine grid, biochemical reaction tank, salt mud pool, sludge pool, pool well soluble drug condition characteristic: in addition to the vast range of set well, long and narrow space, other environment relatively simple models application: pump well can choose according to the requirements of range guided wave radar or hf radar level meter simple environment general ultrasonic liquid level meter is relatively commonly used 10, semiconductor manufacturing: working condition of micro silicon powder storehouse features: low dielectric constant, strong dust applications: selection of hf radar level meter ( Instrument science and technology in this paper by embellish release, if you encounter any problems in the process of using the instrument, can call our domestic sales service hotline: 0517 - 86917118, we have * * personnel unriddling for you)
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