Briefly magnetic flap liquid level meter liquid level measurement in oil tank storage quantity application solutions

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-18
Tank containers is a very common liquid medium, is a kind of oil depot, oil terminal, oil refinery and petrochemical enterprises generally need storage devices, the tank liquid medium ( Petrochemical products) Means of measurement, mainly through measuring the liquid level, temperature, density and pressure ( With pressure tank) Parameters, such as, to calculate the storage tank volume and weight of the liquid medium. Generally speaking, the tank can be divided into two types of tundish and trade cans, tundish is usually only the liquid level, temperature and pressure, With pressure tank) Parameters, such as monitoring, in order to prevent the tank roof caving and time accident, does not need to handover measurement, for accuracy is low. Trade tank liquid level, temperature, density, volume, quality must be regularly monitoring and measurement, so the required precision of the measuring instrument is very high. So for different sizes and types of oil tanks, choose the performance characteristics of liquid level meter is also each have differences, so be reasonable choice level gauge, in order to achieve reasonable price performance ratio, must according to the actual situation of the user to select and investment, and. At present, in the design of the oil storage tank of liquid level measurement of the more popular is using magnetic level gauge, turning steel belt type level gauge or floating ball, buoys, radar level gauge, etc. Buoys, float level gauge, etc. The radar level gauge while measuring accuracy is higher but the cost is high, and the differential type level gauge, is widely used in boiler steam drum airtight container, but the measurement of liquid level, is not really so rarely used in the design of the oil tank level measurement. Magnetic level gauge, as a kind of turning intuitive reading level measurement instrument, simple maintenance, now has been applied in a lot of tank farm. For below two kinds of method for measuring used in tank level gauge makes a brief description: * first indirect measurement method: using the sensor to measure liquid level related signal, reuse of electricity by converting the measured liquid level meter. Tank no. For example, a certain oil depot is using differential pressure type liquid level meter is to measure the pressure difference between the liquid generated at different heights, and then using the computer through the density conversion, temperature compensation, such as liquid level value. Again such as optic liquid level meter is using the principle of photoelectric information from connected to float tank float code strip level coding information, and then through the second table translated into liquid level value. This measurement method is more complex, high cost, the system error is big, but can greatly reduce the labor intensity, can effectively and timely to prevent overflow tank and other safety accidents, easy to realize automation management tank area. 2 it is direct measurement method: artificial measurement method is to use the measuring tool acquisition level directly, without any intermediate conversion. Petrochemical storage and transportation system, for example, in the amount of artificial oil feet, float steel belt type direct reading gauge ( Like to read the optical table a table scale value) , magnetic level gauge, magnetic flap liquid level gauge and so on. This measurement method is intuitive, high reliability, simple to use, and low cost, but for reading error is bigger. Manual gauging in most of the petrochemical enterprise at present is still the main method of liquid level measurement, control, and often as the main reference of other instrument calibration. Emphasis to introduce the magnetic flap liquid level gauge, magnetic level gauge is the distinctive features of liquid medium and turning indicator is completely isolated, so in any case, is very safe, reliable, durable, and various types of liquid level meter with liquid level alarm, control switches, and implementation level or the position of the upper and lower limit offside control or alarm, interlock, or dry reed - with static pressure type fluid shift delivering Resistance type liquid level transmitter, liquid level, the position signal can be converted into two wire 4 - 20 madc standard signal, realizes the remote indication, detect, record and control. This series of side mounted magnetic double column level gauge can be widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, environmental protection, shipbuilding, construction, food and other industries the level measurement and control in the process of production, in addition to some special big medium viscosity, such as asphalt can't measure, other types of liquid medium measurement can be competent. Usually accurate liquid level, oil depot tank is not very important for users, users really want to know is not level, but by measuring the liquid level data to get the actual number of the oil ( The tonnage) In order to prevent overflow. So if the differential pressure method is used to measure liquid level ( The actual tonnage) Also is worth considering the user of a measurement scheme. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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