Barrels of the lateral extension pipe installed on the magnetic flap level gauge what key points need to master

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-12
Embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. Is a * * to the production of magnetic level gauge turning enterprises, in the process of long-term service for the user, although our company provides users with content and detailed installation instructions, but still often have users call me ask about magnetic level gauge installation and problem when using, turning our human engineering and technical service personnel according to the information to communicate with users over the years, the user in the installation and use of magnetic level gauge often encounter the problem of turning an inductive, respectively for a total of 11 points for attention, hope these experience and method, for your help for instrument installation and maintenance. 1. With correction should be taken before using magnetic steel will be zero under the flap into a red, the other turning into a white; 2. If the users to use with heat pipe road, must choose non magnetic materials, such as copper tube, etc. Heating temperature according to the medium conditions; 3. Media should not solid impurities or magnetic materials, lest cause jam to float; 4. Magnetic level gauge turning installation position, should avoid or away from the material medium import and export, avoid the material fluid local area of rapid change, influencing the accuracy of the level measurement; 5, magnetic level gauge ontology turning around does not allow a permeable material close to disable fixed wire, otherwise it will affect the normal work of the magnetic flap liquid level gauge. 6. Open the bottom flange, into the magnetic float ( Note: magnetic end up heavy end, cannot flip. ) ; 7. Debugging should open the upper guide tube valve, then slowly open the bottom valve, let medium smoothly into led tube, observe whether magnetic turn red and white ball is normal, then close the tube valve, open the drain valve, let the dominant tube liquid level drops, this method for three times, it is normal, can be put into operation; 8. For more than a certain length ( Ordinary > 3 m, anti-corrosion type > 2 m) The level gauge, need to increase the middle flange reinforcement or ear soar as a fixed support, to increase the strength and overcome its weight; 9. Should according to the situation of medium, not regular cleaning dominant remove impurities; 10. Magnetic level gauge must be vertical installation, turning magnetic flap between liquid level meter and the container tube should be equipped with ball valve, easy to maintenance and cleaning; 11. When equipped with remote transmission meter to do the following several: a) Should make remote meter close to the level meter led tubes, and stainless steel hoop fixed ( Disable the iron) ; b) Far eastone meter on induction surface should be oriented and close to the leading tube; c) Far eastone meter should be zero and zero level gauge instructions at the same level; d) Far eastone matching between the instrument and display instrument or industrial attachment good wear protection pipe laying alone or in combination with block 2 core cable laying; e) Junction box into the line hole laying, require good seal, so as to avoid the rain, moisture intrusion and make the remote transmission meter does not work, after the completion of the junction box in maintenance or commissioning should be covered in a timely manner. Magnetic level gauge is a kind of turning level indicating meter direct reading type, with direct reading type characteristics of the local display. Its advantage is that the magnetic flap liquid level meter installed on the tank for the lateral extension tube, the inside of the tank liquid level can be informed by indicator turning clear. If users need a remote measurement data in order to achieve the purpose of the remote control, through the bypass pipe outside also can equipped with magnetic switch, as the electrical contact signal output, or liquid level transmitter for remote level signal transmission and control level. The level gauge is a reliable safety instrument. Because a magnetic coupling isolator airtight structure. Particularly applicable to flammable, explosive and toxic corrosion liquid level detection. So that the original complex environment of liquid level detection means become simple and reliable safety. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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