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Vacuum jacketed magnetic level gauge turning winter heat preservation measures and flange leak

by:KAIDI     2021-02-19
Vacuum jacketed magnetic level gauge turning winter winter heat preservation measures, the temperature is more and more low, especially in the northern region, vats of liquid will freeze in the outdoor environment, how to solve the low temperatures of liquid level measurement, the following for friends recommend a suitable for this kind of situation on the magnetic flap of varieties. Vacuum jacketed magnetic flap liquid level meter is a kind of very suitable for working under low temperatures of liquid level measuring instrument, in order to effectively prevent the measured medium at low temperature freezing and cause you can't measure, need through the heating of exogenous measures will measure the medium in a liquid liquid state can be obtained. So for this situation, the west source instrument science and technology developed a can effectively solve the difficult problem of magnetic level gauge, turning the vacuum jacketed magnetic level gauge and steam jacketed magnetic level gauge turning turning series magnetic level gauge turning varieties used in low temperature environment. It is based on similar products at home and abroad to improve digestion and issued by the former chemical magnetic level gauge standard HG/T21584 - 95 the development and production of products. Magnetic flap liquid level gauge by ontology, frame box ( Consists of red, white double color small magnetic flap) , float, flange cover, etc, used for all kinds of liquid level measurement of the vessel. Can be used for high temperature, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, food and beverage, etc, according to level of on-site or remote display and control. This instrument can be used in a variety of towers, tanks, tank, spherical vessel and boiler equipment such as medium level detection. Vacuum jacketed magnetic level gauge company turning heat system, also known as electric heat tracing magnetic flap liquid level meter, suitable for: outdoor tanks will be falling because winter temperatures cause vats of liquid icing, cause the liquid to flow, so we need for the magnetic level gauge for thermal insulation pipeline operations, turning normally we frequently used methods are divided into two kinds, * * * methods: vacuum jacketed heat preservation; Vacuum jacketed heat preservation principle, and our household of the same heat preservation principle of the vacuum flask, main external vacuum to eliminate heat transfer and convection, so can reduce the outdoor night temperature play a certain thermal insulation effect, heat preservation of the purpose is to prevent being detection of temperature in the tank is too low, make the detection of liquid ice and freezing. The second method: electric heating - Electric heat tracing insulation; Electric heating - Electric heat tracing is through the coil in the magnetic level gauge head turning on the resistance wire heating pipe to make the pipe of liquid above freezing, ensure the liquid in the tank will not freeze because of the low temperature. In order to ensure that the vacuum jacketed vacuum state, we need to vacuum vacuum jacketed regularly detection, when the vacuum jacketed magnetic level gauge turning over a period of time, after the use of vacuum value rise means, vacuum jacketed need new extraction vacuum, this time we are in a vacuum jacketed valve is installed in a vacuum pump, vacuum pump of vacuum jacketed for vacuum operation, to ensure that the vacuum jacketed seal degree. To ensure that the tested liquid will not freeze because temperature is too low. To ensure the accuracy of the liquid level monitoring. About magnetic level gauge flange turning everyday leakage and the leakage of the solution of the normal maintenance method has the following steps: 1. First of all, we are buying magnetic level gauge operation after turning flange sealing, must be on a regular basis to check the pressure situation, to maintain the necessary effective compaction force, so as to ensure the sealing of the flange. 2. , we need to check methods have the following kinds: 1) Try to hammer the tap washer or nut, the bolt is loose. 2) On occasions of high temperature and operating fluctuations, and tight of bolt on a regular basis. 3) In place of easy generation is loose installation disc spring, the effect is better. 3. For key parts, the magnetic level gauge flange turning, but also increase the following check: 1) The flange clearance measurement, whether gap size is consistent. 2) Of high temperature bolts, should check the bolt elongation to calculate effective compaction pressure values.
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