Theory of electronic weighing module in the actual application in chemical industry production

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-20
Electronic weighing module is the combination of weighing sensor and bearing structure, it is actually a special application structure of sensor, widely used in chemical ingredients and precision measurement of the filling system, compared with the traditional electronic truck scale, a new generation of electronic scale has the flexible assembly, the advantages of low cost, no site installation limits. In addition to the above applications, electronic weighing module can also be used for other special occasions in the process of chemical production. First of all, this method can be applied to the precise measurement of the liquid storage tanks during the process of chemical production. At present, the instrument for chemical storage and transportation and filling material is mostly a flowmeter, metering pump, level meter, etc, the flowmeter has the characteristics of high precision measurement, installation and debugging and comfortable, general installation on the in and out, irrigation pipe, it is mainly used for the flow measurement and control, but its drawback is measured, the installation conditions and temperature change on the accuracy of quantitative influence is very big, heavy, to compute the irrigation overload of input and output flow meter must be connected to the accumulator or DCS system, its precision is influenced by many factors. Flowmeter and mass flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter, and other products are the most commonly used products on the market, but due to the calibration problems, and products are expensive, was rarely used in the industry. In recent years, with precise metering, irrigation and water conservancy construction material is characterized by simple installation, low cost, plant shape and irrigation conditions without limit, high accuracy, easy calibration, can be used as storage tool, both within and outside the warehouse clean and process control, generally can be used according to the shape of the shape of the container and, depending on the installation, can choose three or four weighing module, especially suitable for the quantitative feeding system in the process of chemical production. 2 it is applicable to chemical enterprise level measurement and control in the process of production. In the chemical production of special circumstances, weighing module in liquid level measurement system plays an important role, for example, in the troubleshooting, do not need to use weights for calibration, when the level is empty, only need to calibrate zero, the output stream can content according to the height of more than 50% of the total range of material level calibration, the calibration after the output stream and material level, a linear relationship. 3 it is can be used in the chemical reactor liquid density measurement and control. When saltworks production of lithium chloride, often should check the liquid level and density of the liquid in the reactor, to a certain level, technical personnel is difficult to detect the density of the fluid. In addition, the price is expensive, high measurement precision, calibration is not high, difficult, for the continuous production has a certain influence. Installation of three or four weighing module, by weighing transducer used as the input signal display and control system, converting traffic for our 4 - 20 ma current, when the reactor level set, the current weight of the original hydrogen is regarded as a mass density. Easy installation, high precision, compared with other types of density meter, it has the incomparable absolute advantage.
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