The type liquid level transmitter in south-to-north water transfer project water level measurement observation of common problems

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-20
Input type liquid level transmitter is a large number of used in all kinds of liquid level measurement, especially in the measurement of water level is common, such as all kinds of Wells, reservoir, pools, etc. , all kinds of tank, the tank can also be applicable, because of its use in the installation is simple, easy to become the user to choose the level type. Based on the input type liquid level transmitter in the south-to-north water transfer project of double water station observation of piezometric tube use cases as the background, introduced the working principle of input type liquid level transmitter, and the problems in the measurement, maintenance and management are analyzed in detail, after the Suggestions were put forward. 1 project summary four station project is located in huaian huaian huaian chuzhou district province three BaoXiang domestic current situation and the total irrigation canal junction, and has built huaian one, two, three stand together two cascade of first phase of the eastern route of south-to-north water transfer project, the scale of the cascade flow rate of 300 m3 / s, and the standby, the total installed size of 340 m3 / s. Pumping station project chooses four impeller diameter of 2. 9 m all adjust vertical axial flow pump unit, 33 single flow. 4 m3 / s, motor power 2500 kW, design scale of 100 m3 / s, with a total installed capacity of 10000 kW. 2 works of huaian arranged four piezometric level using liquid level sensor first place machine automatic recording, huaian four station layout four observation line, standing body each floor in the middle of each article 1, decorate things two sides wall wall after the 1. Stand floor observation line each layout 3 points; Wing wall wall after each line layout 2 points, a total of 10 points. 3 input type liquid level transmitter's work in the piezometric tube observation principle of piezometric tube is an old and common seepage monitoring instrument, it depends on the height of the pipe in the water column to indicate the size of the osmotic pressure. In the in-situ observation of hydraulic structure, piezometric tube is often used to monitor the underground water level, DAMS seepage line, pore water pressure, around the sites for dam foundation seepage pressure, seepage, concrete sites for uplift pressure, web of pressure tunnel culvert, etc. Huaian four piezometric level using liquid level sensor first place machine automatic recording. Sensor is a sino-us joint venture mike sensor co. , LTD. , production MPM426W input type liquid level transmitter. The transmitter is based on the measured liquid the principle of static pressure is proportional to the height of the liquid, the diffused silicon piezoresistive effect of sensitive element, a special signal conditioning circuit is transformed into 4 - Standard 20 ma DC current signal output, the tube water reflected in the database, the upper machine set up, the linear relation between output signal and the liquid depth for the precise measurement of the depth of the liquid. 4 piezometric level anomalies according to data from the upper machine, drawing the piezometric level process of 2016 lines. From the above chart reflects on the left 041, 031, on the right of piezometric level abnormal obviously, groundwater level without change. Huaian four stations using the sensitivity test ( Water injection method) 。 Experimental results show that the piezometric tube 031, 041 in 12 h to 24 h water close to restore to its original level, think piezometric tube inspection. By connecting to the public of PLC, observation data to check that for the online program, in April 2016, on the left 031, 041 right into sending PLC type liquid level transmitter AD data no change for a long time, and occasionally data clearly distortion. Judgment is input type liquid level transmitter. 5 fault analysis into type liquid level transmitter, high stability of OEM gage pressure sensor, it into a stainless steel casing, the top of the steel body with a steel cap can protect the sensor diaphragm, and also can make the water flow to come into contact with the diaphragm, the output signal by waterproof cable connected to the transmitter shell seal. Open the transmitter, found transmitter top with sediment, cable slightly aging phenomenon. Therefore, the fault is likely to appear on the isolation diaphragm or cable. 5. More than 1 uneven medium and impurities, resulting in the control of liquid level signal distortion huaian four station base uneven soil and sediment deposition. Huaian four year start running time is shorter, and huaian a runtime, two stand in the direction of flow is from the east to the west and huaian four station upstream vertical, dig a canal for irrigation in in huaian four station upstream exit, form circumfluence area, the sediment settling down, causing certain sedimentation upstream. The piezometric tube tube of water flow is complex, more impurities, blocked the isolation diaphragm, make signal distortion. 5. 2 piezometric tube embedding location is not hidden, cable vulnerable to sabotage piezometric tube is located in the middle of the wing wall, often for greening plant and construction. In the process of construction, a spade, excavator and instrument such as easy to damage the cable. Solution: replace the damage level analog sensor, be waterproof plug nozzle and daily maintenance; Regular works dredging work, ensure that the sensitivity of piezometric tube; Strengthen observation, through artificial than measuring ruler gauge method, compared with data from the automation system in time and analysis. 6 conclusion piezometric level observation results reflect the working state building foundation is very sensitive and intuitive, piezometric tube is seepage pressure monitoring project, an important means of DAMS seepage line, is to guarantee the safe operation of the water conservancy project of important monitoring items. To ensure the rationality and accuracy of piezometric tube observation results, meet & other; Unattended, little unattended & throughout; Request, automatic observation technology is imperative. Input type liquid level transmitter as sensitive measuring element, in actual use of the potentiometric observation, to strengthen the observation and technical analysis, gradually improve and improve the automation technology, completes the daily inspection maintenance, better play its role, achieve accurate remote sensing.
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