The oval gear flowmeter using three types of common failures and solutions

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-12
Oval gear flowmeter is a kind of flow measurement instruments, is a member of the volumetric flowmeter, are using the displacement meter on the market at present oval gear flowmeter, waist wheel flowmeter, three types of double rotor flowmeter, its basic principle is the same, is the fixed quantitative volume measured medium flow meter. These three instruments currently used in the measurement of liquid oils and fats products. Although oval gear flowmeter has high measuring accuracy, small pressure loss, wide range, can be in situ display etc, but for the meter in use should pay attention to maintenance and maintenance work, if maintain undeserved very prone to measurement inaccuracies, and working out of sync, etc. In order to help the users to correctly use the oval gear flowmeter, embellish of instrument science and technology and technical personnel for these failures are analyzed and proposed the corresponding solution. One, the measurement error is too large in oval gear flowmeter metering work allowed to two over one thousand of the error, if more than the error value, is considered the error is too large. In practice, we found that the main reasons of measurement error is too large has the following several aspects. 1. 1 if not coaxial flow sensors on both ends of the pipe flow sensor on both ends of pipe segment ( The flow sensor front length is 25 times the pipe diameter and the back-end length of 5 times the pipe diameter section) Not coaxial, rotational stability of the elliptical gear will directly affect the flowmeter, cause measurement error is too big, so in the maintenance work to ensure the flow sensor on both ends of pipe section coaxial. 1. 2 oval gear flowmeter untight seal system untight seal, there will be a part of the air drawn into the pipe, cause measurement error is too large. So the oval gear flowmeter system connection between the various parts and components must be sealed tight, can not have leakage phenomenon. Second, integrating instrument measuring oval gear flowmeter at work, with the oil outlet oil flow out, but integrating instrument measurement. The main reason for the appear this kind of failure has the following several aspects. 2. 1 transmission device transmission is jammed transmission device is converting traffic signal into pulse signal device, when the transmission piece in the transmission device is card after death, will lose its transformation function, thus unable to measure work. After removal of binding material, integrating instrument can work normally. 2. 2 transmission device optical coupling is covered in dirt transmission device optical coupling is used to produce pulse signal of the electronic components, when the transmission is light after decoupling is covered in dirt, namely, lose their ability to produce pulse signal. Clean up after coverings, integrating instrument back to normal work. Third, after the oil pump start button, the main reason for the oil pump does not work in this kind of failure is integrating instrument source plate diode ( IN4001) Be breakdown, namely cannot connect pump ac contactor coil power, in fact there is no oil pump power supply is connected. Solution is also very simple, as long as the replacement on qualified after the diode, the pump can be returned to normal work. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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