The intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter factory equipment overhaul and maintenance instructions

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-24
As we all know, instrument and meter is the production process, quality inspection, experimental analysis and process one of the important resources of a variety of circumstances, as the name implies instrument is used to measure or test, is to ensure production can normal a source of stability for the production data, so the instrument can be stable and reliable operation is very important in the production of the work, so what kind of maintenance methods to ensure accurate instrument testing data can be? Normally, we will to equipment according to the period during the verification and calibration, verification, but besides this and periodic verification, we should also increase equipment daily maintenance work. Below we simply talk about the necessity of instrument maintenance. Instruments are precise production of test equipment, their internal are generally consists of a number of precision components and circuit boards, and these components and circuit boards are vulnerable to the interference of the external environment, such as: dust, water, light, microelectronics, magnetic field and other factors, these factors are easy to affect the results of the instrument. Instrument daily maintenance is in need of protection equipment, reduce equipment failure rate, in the process of using laser ranging instrument, not only has the effect of the external environment, its internal components ageing or inaccurate is abnormal overload use will result in equipment, if it is used in security inspection instrument on the consequences don't want to known once appear problem, often do, maintenance can be very effective in reducing the incidence of these accidents. Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of flow meter are commonly used in industrial production, we need to get a stable and reliable traffic data, so the stability of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter work for the daily maintenance of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, mainly to master the following aspects: first, the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter to maintain zero check and adjustment of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter before put into operation, after electrify electromagnetic flow sensor must be filled with liquid under stationary state adjust the zero point. After put into operation or to use condition periodically stop flow for zero check; Especially on precipitation, easy to pollution electric pole, the cleaning liquid containing solid phase, at the beginning of the run should be checked, in order to obtain experience to determine the normal inspection cycle. Ac excitation mode of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter and rectangular wave excitation, are more likely to produce zero drift, so more attention should be paid to check and adjust. Two sedimentary malfunction application example of the error. One is drilling cementing engineering, the total flow perfusion slurry is an important process parameters, often use high voltage magnetic flowmeter. Instrument intermittent use, with finish to wash after sensor tube, the rest of the time are hollow tubes. Due to inadequate cleaning, measuring residue slurry solidifying into a thin layer of tube wall, nearly two months accumulation form the insulating layer, covering the entire electrode surface, leading to run is not normal to not work. Another is check device, electrolytic cutting process with intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter control saturated salt water, clearance after using a period found that traffic signal gradually weakened, 2 months after the signal is zero. Reason is electrolytic iron deposition in the process of cutting tube wall, formation caused by short circuit. Clear stratification is back to normal immediately. Second, the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter maintenance of regular inspection sensor performance * first, roughly measure resistance between electrodes. Disconnect between the converter and signal connection of sensor and sensor inside fluid-filled, to the two electrodes and grounding resistance value is measured with a multimeter, e. range is in the factory, and measured by two values the same. Record the * time measured resistance value, after this value to judge the sensor failure reason ( If sediment is conducting or insulating) Is useful. Secondly, sensor emptying liquid, wipe the lining, after being completely dry megohm meter was used to measure the resistance between the two electrodes and earthing terminal. , check the excitation winding insulation resistance, sensor excitation coil, terminal and converter indirectly line by megohmmeter measuring insulation resistance of the coil. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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