The difference between differential pressure transmitter and pressure transmitter performance in where

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-23
Industrial production often use differential pressure transmitter and pressure transmitter, many friends just into the line for differential pressure and pressure etc are health, don't know a lot of confusion in practice, this belongs to the basic knowledge of pressure gauges, is each work in the related instrument must grasp of common sense is to find out the differences between the instrument, li * we first to make sure that the difference of these concepts. Below the embellish instrument science and technology in engineering and technical personnel to introduce in detail: 1, atmospheric pressure, the air on the surface of the earth column pressure due to gravity. It and latitude, altitude and weather conditions. 2, the differential pressure ( Differential pressure) : the relative difference between the two pressure values. 3, * * pressure: medium ( Liquid, gas or steam) All the stress space. * * pressure is the pressure relative to the zero pressure. 4, gauge pressure ( Relative pressure) : if * * the difference of pressure and atmospheric pressure is a positive, then the positive is gauge pressure, pressure = * * - that table Atmospheric pressure & gt; 0. Two different position in the line pressure, two pressure difference is the differential of general differential pressure transmitter is in many instrument, measuring the differential transducer applications, universal, transmitter can be divided into pressure transmitter and differential pressure transmitter. Transducer is used to measure pressure, differential pressure, vacuum, liquid level, flow and density, etc. Transmitter has two wire or four wire, two wire transducer is in the majority; Has the branch of intelligence and non intelligence, intelligent transmitter is growing. Pressure transmitter and differential pressure transmitter list tell from the noun is the measured pressure and two pressure difference, but they are indirect measurement of parameters is to have a lot of. Such as pressure transmitter, in addition to the measured pressure, it can also be liquid level measuring equipment. In measuring liquid level for the steel atmospheric vessels, need a pressure change. When liquid level measuring pressure container, two pressure changes are available, and the measurement of the lower one, measurement limit one, their output signal can be subtract, can measure liquid level, differential pressure transmitter is generally selected. Within the container liquid level and pressure values of cases, it can also be used to measure medium density. Pressure transmitter can do wide measuring range, starting from the pabs 0 to 100 mpa ( In general,) 。 Transducer selection usually according to the installation conditions, environmental conditions, instrument performance, economy and the medium application into consideration. Practice is divided into direct measurement and indirect measurement; The purpose of process measurement, process control and equipment interlocking. Common transmitter are ordinary pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter, single flange transmitter, double flange transmitter, plug-in flange transmitter, etc. 1 pressure/differential pressure transmitter is introduced in addition to the measurement of two differential pressure transmitter by measuring the pressure differential pressure value, it can also cooperate with all kinds of throttling element to measure the flow rate, can be directly measured pressure container liquid level and pressure containers of liquid level and pressure and negative pressure. 1. 1 make up from the structure of the pressure and differential pressure transmitter has regular and isolation. Ordinary measurement for a membrane box, it directly feel pressure and differential pressure of the measured medium; Isolation of measurement bellows received is a stable liquid ( General silicone oil) Pressure, and the stability of liquid is sealed between two diaphragm, accepts the measured pressure diaphragm for diaphragm. The original ordinary bellows diaphragm of diaphragm, when subjected to stress signals of outer diaphragm with silicone oil pass intact transfer outside the pressure of the diaphragm on the ordinary bellows, measure the feeling the pressure of the outer membrane. Isolation transmitter mainly for special used by measuring medium, such as after leaving the equipment can produce crystal measured medium, and using ordinary medium can be removed in the transmitter, will guide tube and bellows room jams make it doesn't work, so you have to choose isolation. Isolation usually done flange installation, namely the opening on the equipment under test of flange transmitter is installed it induced diaphragm is part of the equipment wall, so that it won't take out the measured medium, general won't cause crystallization jam. When demand higher crystallization temperature measured medium, can choose the diaphragm bulgy structure, this sensing diaphragm can be inserted into the device, thereby sensing medium temperature does not reduce, this measure is guaranteed, namely choose insert flange transmitter. Isolation transmitter have a remote transmission type and size. Far eastone namely the film outside the box type and strengthen capillary connection between measurement bellows, generally capillary is 3 ~ 5 meters, so the outer membrane box on the device, lining box and the transmitter can be installed on the support of easy to maintain; Another kind of form is direct outer membrane box and transmitter into an organic whole by flange installation on the device. For isolating type pressure transmitter it can also be made into threaded connection type, namely the film outside the box or the elastic element can be installed in the front of the screw thread, as long as the equipment to be tested on the welding on internal thread convex platform, you can twist the transmitter directly to the device, the installation is very convenient. Isolation type pressure/differential pressure transmitter production complex, the material demand is high, so the price is usually 3 times that of the normal.
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