The development of the domestic pressure transmitter calibration equipment

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-18
As you all know, pressure transmitter in all kinds of industrial automatic control plays an important role in the environment, check work is one of the important means to assure the index of pressure transmitter. New China metrology system from scratch, and then to the vigorous development of the current process, great changes have taken place and improving calibration equipment. Today let's follow Katie instrument equipment factory to discuss from the development of the pressure transmitter calibration equipment, take you into the checkout line, learn about the development of domestic pressure transducer calibration device, a sense of the passage of time, sigh a calibration equipment Peng Bo process. Generation 1: a single combination equipment: pressure pump + precision pressure gauge, ammeter, voltmeter, resistance box, power features: need manual pressure, artificial reading, standard sheet has lower accuracy, repeatability, shock resistance is poor, it is difficult to carry to the scene, single function, measure current, voltage requires corresponding measuring instrument and the power, is now obsolete. Generation 2: electrical measuring functional integration using equipment: digital pressure gauge pressure pump + + DMMS characteristics: compared with the previous generation, standard got the very big promotion, digital pressure gauge was adopted, convenient and directly read, solved the pointer precision pressure gauge reading difficulties, poor vibration resistance faults; Digital multimeter is used to measure the electrical signals and improves the accuracy, reading is convenient, but the volume is larger, the way the equipment is also very rare now. Third generation: pressure, electric logging integration using equipment: intelligent digital precision pressure gauge pressure pump + characteristics: compared with the previous generation, the biggest change is to integrate the digital pressure gauge and electrical meter one-piece, double digital display, can simultaneously measure the pressure and electrical signals, smaller volume, pressure calibration more convenient. 4th generation: intelligent pressure checking instrument used equipment: pump + smart pressure checking instrument characteristics: compared with the previous generation, the whole process, stability, reliability, stress checking instrument function is more complete, contains the electric logging function, at the same time support HART type intelligent pressure calibration, calibration process can store the data, data can be easily imported into the computer, check to the paperless direction. Now is the highest popularity field manual calibration scheme. Fifth generation: pressure happen automatically, automatic measurement using equipment: intelligent pressure generator + intelligent pressure checking instrument characteristics: compared with the previous generation, realized the pressure of the fully automatic, no longer need to manually pressurizing, manual fine tuning, external intelligent pressure checking instrument and supporting software of automatic solutions, system can automatically read the data and production test records and certificates, form a complete set of software can realize the function of the metrological management at the same time. Sixth generation: intelligent automatic ( Laboratory) Use equipment: ConST800 pressure characteristics of automatic calibration system: is the leading calibration plan, has the characteristics of intelligent, network, informationization, compared with the previous generation, in the inspection table, intelligent degree, control efficiency aspects such as speed, accuracy, stability, function has carried on the comprehensive upgrade. System adopts modular design, can be more than check by inspection instrument at the same time, support for multiple users to work together, touch screen operation, qr code entry, independent certificate management, instrument management, template customization, and the original system with users seamless docking, the pressure calibration laboratory into intelligent, digital, information-based era of inspection table. Sixth generation: the automatic calibration, The site) Use equipment: ConST811 on-site automatic pressure checking instrument characteristics: compared to the generation of laboratory solutions, equipment the built-in rechargeable battery, small volume, light weight, integrated with pressure, pressure, electrical signal measurement, 24 v power supply, such as a variety of functions, intelligent calibration function can realize common pressure transmitter and HART intelligent automatic calibration of pressure transmitter. ConST811 automatic calibration expand the new direction at site. 6. Five generations: hand-held automatic calibration ( Field calibration) Use equipment: ConST810 hand-held automatic pressure checking instrument characteristics: compared with ConST811, smarter, weighs only 1. 8 kg, integrated pressure leak detection, sphygmomanometer calibration app, users can easily develop your application, a built-in USB, WiFi and bluetooth communication way, use matching ACal pressure calibration system software, can be easily connected with mobile phones or control center, it is representing the development of field calibration equipment. Summary: this article through to visit instrument and meter plant, witness pressure calibration instrument development. Instrument and meter plant established nearly 20 years, professional committed to the development of digital pressure, temperature detection instrument, won the national torch plan high-tech enterprises, the national pilot demonstration of intelligent manufacturing enterprise, national high and new technology enterprise and enterprise of zhongguancun's most development potential and so on a number of honorary titles, has a prominent position in the field of global thermal calibration.
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