The application fields of liquid level transmitter is mainly introduced

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-23
The application fields of liquid level transmitter is introduced liquid level transmitter is used to prevent the medium directly into the transmitter in the pipeline pressure sensor components, it is between the transmitter and capillary connected by the filled with fluid. Liquid level transmitter is used to measure the liquid level of liquid, gas or steam, flow and pressure, and then transform it into 4 ~ 20 ma DC signal output. By simulating & other; Online operation & throughout; Examination, to ensure the liquid level transmitter working in extreme environment temperature, medium temperature and pressure, Including positive pressure or vacuum) Next, stable and reliable work. Liquid level transmitter using & other; Dynamic state surface & throughout; Far eastone diaphragm structure, after the overload diaphragm would not be damaged; After long-term working accuracy will not change. Liquid level transmitter use full welding and sealing structure of pump system rigidity, the eradication of the oil spill. Design the capillary combination of components, make the capillary reliable protection in the field use is not easy to break. Liquid level transmitter can provide all kinds of special needs products, including high temperature, high vacuum range, fast response and long capillary ( Difference & le; 4. 5 meters) Far eastone differential pressure transmitter. Varieties, forms and sizes varied remote transmission device, and plenty of pouring liquid type, can meet the needs of the measured at various occasions. Measurements: liquid level transmitter is mainly used in the following places. High temperature viscous medium; 。 Easy to be crystallized media. 。 With solid particles or suspended solids precipitation medium; 。 Strong corrosion or toxic medium; 。 Can remove liquid level transmitter is applicable to guide the occurrence of pressure pipe leakage pollution environment; Using spacer can be avoided, because of the measuring signal is not stable, often need to supplement of spacer; 。 Continuous accurate measurement interface and density; 。 Far eastone device can avoid different instant media fusion, so that the measured results truly reflect the actual situation of process changes; 。 Liquid level transmitter is suitable for the hygiene demanding situations; 。 Such as food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry production, not only requires the liquid level transmitter medium contact conform to the hygiene standards, and should be easy to wash, to prevent cross contamination of different mass media.
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