Purifying water treatment industry in the process of production should focus on other matters and you need to follow the principle of

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-16
Instrument system earthing and lightning protection grounding can be divided into protective earthing and work. Protective earthing is to avoid staff due to the damage of equipment insulation and insulation performance degradation when suffered shock hazard and to ensure the safety of the equipment. Working grounding is to run in order to ensure the instrument is stable and reliable. General instrument, such as water treatment works electromagnetic flowmeter system grounding the TN - S system, namely the three phase line A, B, C, 1 neutral N namely protect thread PE. Exposed conductive parts of electrical equipment received a PE line, its advantage is in normal work does not present current PE line, so the equipment can be exposed conductive parts do not appear to ground voltage and it is easy to cut off power supply when the accident, strong electromagnetic compatibility, avoids the high order harmonic interference. Working principle of grounding is the single point grounding. Because of the existence of potential difference, if there are more than one ground loop can form, will interfere with the introduction of instrument, so, the same signal circuit, the same shielding layer can have only one location. Electromagnetic flowmeter, such as instrument working grounding can be separately set or share the same ground with protective earthing body. From the point of engineering practice experience, grounding resistance shall generally not exceed 1 & Omega; 。 General treatment facilities, structures, low flat terrain, empty, especially some meter well outside of the factory, in this case, the instrumentation equipment being struck by lightning rate increase. In practice, the author encountered many times by lightning damage to instrument or instrument of unknown causes damage to the event. Installation, therefore, are of good quality, reliable operation of the lightning arrester, is indispensable in the protective measures, such as the German Pepperl Fuchs company of ESP series lightning protection grid used for protection of flowmeter signal and power supply, the result is good. In a word, in the process of water purification treatment, should follow the following principles: ( 1) To realize the modernization of water treatment works management, automation instrument must be used. ( 2) Designers should stand in the user's point of view, for the sake of users, in the design and selection of instrument, should be: stable and reliable, simple operation, easy installation, good and inexpensive, continuous measurement, responsive, strong interchangeability, easy to maintain. ( 3) Designers at ordinary times should pay attention to technical data collecting, sorting, in order to facilitate digestion and absorption. ( 4) Built water water treatment works, the instrument right after put into use, the designer should be under the scene, for magnetic level gauge and other liquid level meter and electromagnetic flowmeter, turning the usage of ultrasonic flowmeter flow meter, such as do, understand the performance of the instrument, sum up experience in time, to facilitate the design work gradually perfect in the future. Through the above introduction, we see not hard, level instruments, flow meters, temperature meters and other kinds of instruments played a key role in water purification treatment, to say the lack of a ring but not, automation instrument is closely related with water purification processing, to reasonable use of automation instrument, is the premise and key water purification processing.
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