Liquid level transmitter correct installation method

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-21
Liquid level transmitter correct installation method shows that liquid level transmitter is the extension and development of the technology of pressure transmitter according to the different proportion of liquid in a linear relationship with different produced by high pressure principle, implementation of water, oil and paste volume, accurate measurement and transmission of liquid height, weight. Liquid level transmitter installation is simple, easy to use, interchange ability, suitable for the liquid level of liquid in the container medium interface, measurement. In addition to the instructions, also can match remote transmitter, switch, detection alarm function is complete. Liquid level transmitter large measuring range, is not restricted by storage tank height. Indicating device and is completely isolated measured medium, good sealing, high reliability, the use of safe. Simple structure, convenient installation, convenient maintenance, corrosion resistance, no power, explosion-proof. Liquid level transmitter of high sensitivity, high quality sensor response speed, accurately reflect the flow changes or static liquid surface, high measurement accuracy. Liquid level transmitter safety explosion protection and isolation of ability, can be applied to all kinds of dangerous sites. Liquid level transmitter with fine unique zero, full range, nonlinear compensation, guarantee conditions of use within the scope of the precision, good stability for a long time. Use widely measured medium, measurable oil, water and compatible with 316 stainless steel paste, have certain ability of corrosion. The installation of the liquid level transmitter, liquid level transmitter shall be installed in the stillness of the deep well, sink, usually the bore diameter & Phi; About 45 mm steel pipe ( Different height to play several holes, so that the water flow into the tube) Fixed in the water, then put the transmitter can be used in the steel pipe. The installation direction is vertical, liquid level transmitter location should be far away from the liquid accesses and blender. In the use of larger vibration occasions, but on the liquid level transmitter winding wire, using steel wire suspension, so as to avoid tensile cables. Measuring flow or stirring the liquid level, usually the bore diameter & Phi; About 45 mm steel pipe ( Different heights on the opposite side of the liquid flow to play several holes, so that the water flow into the tube) Fixed in the water, then put the liquid level transmitter can be used in the steel pipe. Liquid level transmitter installation notes: 1, choose stabilized voltage supply power alone. The stability of the power affects the performance of the transmitter, the error control in the transmitter allows the following one 5. To have special power supply requirements of products, must take special power supply. 2, liquid level transmitter signal lines to taking shield cable, prevent electromagnetic interference. 3, according to the correct wiring method connecting the transmitter, the polarization time in 15 to 30 minutes. 4, if the liquid level transmitter installed in a pool of water, water tower, etc, it can be probe drowned in the water, away from the location of the water flow too fast. 5, in the large fluctuations in situations such as a submersible pump liquid level transmitter installation using inserted steel pipe, steel pipe should be fixed firmly, steel tube on each want to open a hole from a distance, to stay away from pole position in and out of the gate. 6, junction box is fixed firmly, or include a fixed bracket, to prevent in a dry, shade, cannot be rain in July and protect cables, good ventilation can not be bent or blocked, cannot damage, more redundant cable can dish up nearby. 8, the liquid level transmitter and outdoor installation of lightning protection measures.
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