Liquid level instrumentation products development and market trend in our country

by:KAIDI     2021-01-20
High-grade modern new instrument mostly imports, especially large enterprise using basic level meter are imported instrument, magnetic flap or even pressure type level gauge are all use imported or joint venture of pressure or differential pressure transmitter. Therefore, the development, production of high-grade advanced material level meter is still occupied domestic market the key material level meter. The following specific analysis about the market trend of all kinds of material level meter. Market trend of material level switch in low level switch is a large amount of goods of a liquid level switch and material level switch. At present main products of the liquid level switch or ball float liquid level switch, followed by a tuning fork type and capacitive liquid level switch, the trend in the future quite a long time without much change. However, with the improvement of enterprise management level, not only requires the instrument itself price is low, also requires a simple installation, high reliability, small amount of maintenance. Thus, the radio frequency admittance type ( Capacitive) And the ultrasonic level switch market proportion will increase. Because radio frequency admittance level switch installation is simple, have no moving parts, high reliability, small amount of maintenance, and is superior to the float switch in terms of pressure and corrosion. Ultrasonic level switch belongs to the non-contact measurement, its advantage is obvious, as its own manufacturing prices falling, will occupy a share of the market. Solid material level switch at present mainly resistance screw type, followed by a tuning fork type and capacitance. But due to the resistance of spiral type material level switch are constantly rotating, the reliability is low. So the same reason, the radio frequency admittance and ultrasonic material level switch have more market share will rise, especially rf admittance level switches are the best type of measuring solid materials at present stage. Magnetic level gauge market trend turning magnetic flap liquidometer applications vary, thus also wide range. The process of production of various kinds of column reactor tank liquid level detection is still predominantly pressure and differential pressure transmitter. This in addition to its own price have certain advantages, have the habit of design and application problems. Followed by inspcetion type, buoy type, capacitance type magnetic flap liquidometer also has considerable are. With the development of technology, magnetic telescopic magnetic flap, ultrasonic and radio frequency admittance level indicator of consumption will increase rapidly, pressure ( Differential pressure) Type magnetic flap liquidometer ratio will fall. According to the different medium and site conditions, a variety of magnetic level gauge turning their advantage, will form a diversified situation. Tank farm tank due to its large volume, magnetic flap for the level precision is very high, most of the past with steel belt type magnetic float level gauge, turning servo type and static type have some are. Yet neither float steel belt, magnetic flap servo type or static pressure type level gauge, measurement tank farm tank liquid level is not the best way. Steel belt type magnetic float level meter installed turning complex, reliability is low; Static pressure type magnetic level gauge is highly affected by the density and temperature, turning to eliminate these effects, a set of perfect its price is also high static pressure measurement system; Magnetic flap servo type level gauge accuracy is higher, but as a result of the mechanical drive mechanism, inevitably bring wear problem, at the same time the price also is on the high side. Magnetic flap of the last century since the ninety s, radar level meter into the market, because of its high precision, reliability is high, easy to use, dosage increased rapidly in the tank farm, therefore, be preferred in nearly a decade tank liquid level meter. Magneto telescopic magnetic flap level gauge sprung up in recent years, because of its high precision, high stability, high reliability and long life, and more suitable for the terminal storage tank level measurement are also will increase rapidly, will gradually and radar type magnetic flap level gauge tied. Optical fiber magnetic flap level gauge can live without electricity detection, good security, this is its outstanding advantage, disadvantage is still have a lot of mechanical transmission parts, failure rate will increase, the installation is also complicated. Ultrasonic level meter accuracy is slightly lower, but its simple installation price moderate, therefore, will have a place in the tank farm.
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