How to correctly understand the phenomenon of 'magnetic' inspcetion level gauge

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-30
In the field of petroleum chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical and other industrial production, liquid level meter is an indispensable process instrument type. Inspcetion level gauge is characterized by low cost, measurement requirements low, wide measuring range, the instructions clear, easy reading, a lot of advantages such as high pressure grade and good safety is used by the large enterprises. But because the inspcetion level of performance is not stable, because the magnet steel use after a period of time, magnetic, magnetic float in the pot and indicator lose magnetic connection between the small magnetic steel, if the magnetic magnetic column indicator for magnetic reason cannot be followed without correct instructions, will be to the measurement and data collection work caused great distress. By the instrument technology company's technical staff, the weakened due to the indicator of the number of small magnets magnetic degree and produce magnetic phenomenon ( Also called flowers screen) Early inspcetion level gauge, this is the main reason of magnetic. In recent years, along with some instrument manufacturer with strength and quality of technological progress, the magnetism of magnetic steel to strengthen, magnetic to improve stability, due to the above fee up & other Disorderly magnetic & throughout; Phenomenon is reduced, and the other one is not easy to detect. In the use of conventional inspcetion level gauge measuring the level of liquefied hydrocarbon easy vaporization medium, stable state, the mutual transformation between gas phase and liquid phase of the measured medium equilibrium. At this time, if by the extraction liquid inside the tank, the liquid on the surface of the space increases, the gas phase pressure is reduced, there will be a part of liquid of heating) There will be a large number of air bubbles, small bubbles in the process of rising together into a big bubble, bubble into the conventional inspcetion level gauge measuring chamber, it may cause a rise in gas phase and gas phase section, when encountered in the process of rising float around the float through the air want, at the same time float movement too fast and lose the magnetic connection and measurement of outdoor indicator function, causes & other Disorderly magnetic & throughout; Phenomenon. Also, in the normal production of airtight pipeline, due to various reasons sometimes mixed with many sizes of bubbles in some form of liquid, serious when even also can produce & other; Gas to segment & throughout; 。 The appearance of the liquid in the mixed gas to be as the change of production, if a equipped with conventional inspcetion level gauge the feed pipe of the equipment and the level of the relative position of bubbles into the liquid level meter, when mixed with the gas phase liquid into the device, the gas phase, would be the inspcetion level gauge measuring room, if some scattered small bubbles from entering, because the inspcetion level gauge measurement indoor medium density changes, float of buoyancy will change, will change the position of the float, the liquid level indicated by the inspcetion the level indicator values will produce the error of the big or small, that is to say, this kind of situation interferes with the normal inspcetion level gauge instructions, if it is a lot of air bubbles or a & other; The gas phase period & throughout; Entered the inspcetion level gauge measuring indoor, also can produce as previously ignored when liquefied hydrocarbon described & other; Disorderly magnetic & throughout; Phenomenon. These lead to the conventional inspcetion level meter cannot work due to the phenomena of liquid level measurement of liquid phase medium mixed gas caused by the impact of relative level gauge, to make inspcetion liquidometer work, must be modified to it, let it can adapt to the impact. ( In this paper, published by the embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. )
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