How to correctly detect electromagnetic flowmeter sensor in order to ensure the stable operation of the instrument

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-01
After decades of development, the domestic and international manufacturer of electromagnetic flowmeter have sprung up rapidly developed. Electromagnetic flowmeter, as a kind of effective measuring instrument of conductive medium volume flow, main components such as sensors, flow conversion and processing instrument parts. Its main characteristic is no throttle choke part, not easy jam, good corrosion resistance, applicable medium range, measurement accuracy is not affected by temperature, viscosity, density, pressure measured medium, specific gravity and other physical parameters, the influence of the conductivity of to a certain value range has nothing to do with the types of liquid by calibration, etc. Electromagnetic flowmeter in addition to the general fluid flow can be measured, can also be measured liquid-solid two-phase liquid, high viscosity and salt, strong acid, strong alkali liquid volume flow, which can be widely used in cement, chemical, textile, metallurgy, mining, paper making, medicine, water supply and drainage, food and beverage department, such as sugar, brewing industry technology, especially in the field of environmental protection. At present, the electromagnetic flowmeter has become a effective tool for the environmental protection department of quantitative management enterprise sewage discharge. Because the electromagnetic flow meter used to measure the tap water, sewage, sea water, such as conductive liquid, so run after period of time, easy contamination electrode or precipitation, scaling in the measuring tube wall. Should keep clear of the electromagnetic flowmeter measurement tube of adherent fouling layer, or it will cause the instrument can't work normally. Practice shows that often for regular inspection of electromagnetic flowmeter sensor is to avoid failure of the effective means. What is specific way? Below to introduce you to the specific steps. Testing equipment: 500 m & Omega; Insulation resistance tester, a multimeter. Test steps: step one: under the condition of the pipeline is full of medium, the multimeter measuring terminal resistance value between A and B and C, A minus C、B - C resistance between thrown to be equal. If differences in 1 times above, may be electrode, measuring the outer wall of pipe leakage or junction box with condensed water adsorption. Step 2: in the case of dry lining, use MΩ A - table test C、B - The insulation resistance between C ( Should be greater than 200 m & Omega; ) 。 With A multimeter measuring terminal of A and B and the resistance of the measuring tube two electrodes ( Should be a short circuit connected state) 。 If the insulation resistance is small, the leakage of electrode, it should be a complete set of flowmeter factory maintenance. If the insulation fell but there are still a 50 m & Omega; And step one of the above test result is normal, may be measuring the outer wall of pipe be affected with damp be affected with damp, available hot air blower to dry inside the shell. Step 3: use a multimeter measure the resistance between one of the X, Y, if more than 200 & Omega; , the excitation coil and the lead wire may be open or poor contact. Remove the terminal board. Step 4: check the insulation resistance between the X, Y, and C, should be in the 200 m & Omega; Above, if fell, shell internally with hot air drying processing. Coil insulation fall in actual operation will lead to a measurement error increases, meter output signal is not stable. Step 5: if determine sensor is faulty, please contact with electromagnetic flowmeter, generally the scene could not solve, need to the factory maintenance. Electromagnetic flowmeter fault maintenance points include the following contents: electromagnetic flowmeter only for instrument for periodic visual inspection, inspection instrument surroundings, remove dirt, ensure no water and other substances, check whether the connection is good, check meter ever new strong electromagnetic field near equipment or have a new wire across the instrument. If measured medium easy contamination electrode precipitation, scaling, or within the measuring tube wall cleaning scales, cleaning should be done regularly. As long as we can in accordance with the above steps in the production of sensor for inspection, can to a large extent, reduce or even avoid the happening of electromagnetic flowmeter failure. If you are in the process of using the question, can call, we have a special domestic sales and service hotline 0517 - 86917118 of the technical personnel to serve you. Leap in science and technology of engineering with everybody's emphasis on the way, is still more at ordinary times to strengthen the maintenance of electromagnetic flowmeter. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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