How to analysis of vortex flow meter

by:KAIDI     2021-01-21
1 vortex flowmeter. Working principle of vortex flowmeters is placed in the fluid a streamlined swim body vortex, fluid in the event of a body on both sides of the separation alternately releases two series of rules of staggered vortex of the instrument. According to the frequency of vortex flowmeter detection methods can be divided into: stress, strain type, capacitance type, thermal, vibration postures, photoelectric, ultrasonic type, etc. 2. Product features advantages and disadvantages: ( 1) Simple structure and firm; ( 2) Apply fluid variety; ( 3) High precision; ( 4) Wide range of degrees; ( 5) Loss of pressure is small. The bad: ( 1) Not suitable for low Reynolds number measurement; ( 2) Need a long straight section; ( 3) Instrument coefficient is low, Compared with the turbine meter) ; ( 4) Instrument in the pulsating flow, multiphase flow is still lack of experience.
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