Differential pressure transmitter used with throttling parts

by:KAIDI     2021-01-24
Differential pressure type flow sensor, also known as the throttle device was the earliest type of flow measurement instrument, often used with differential pressure transmitter, differential pressure type flowmeter. All sorts of differential pressure flowmeter measurement principle of broadly similar, produced in local acceleration fluid flowing through the sensor, the sensor of the back-end formation pressure drop, the differential pressure transmitter measured pressure difference sensor before and after, again by convert the differential values into intelligent totalizer. especially traffic signals. There are many different kinds of the differential pressure type flowmeter and occupy a big proportion of in industrial use. Two wire pressure transmitter power supply is generally outside the 24 v power supply source, domestic potential difference is 22 - more of differential pressure transmitter - Imports around 26 v, differential pressure transmitter is wide potential more, 12 - - - 36v。 When the voltage is higher than 36 v, exceed the limit of the transmitter, it is possible to damage the components inside the transmitter. Differential pressure transmitter is sensitive to stress, so before the installation must be zero, otherwise it will produce a lot of zero drift, high static pressure differential pressure transmitter before use should be cross-checked pipeline nominal pressure, ensure its installation operation. When instrument measuring gas, in order to prevent the cooling fluid produced after the liquefied gas remaining in the pressure in the tube, the upper part of the transmitter is installed in a horizontal pipe. When testing the liquid pipe to prevent dissatisfaction, gas into the pressure tube, transmitter should be in the pipe centerline offset, in order not to make the liquid precipitation impurities into the pressure tube, also can't in the right. Must not be frozen medium to be measured, otherwise may isolate sensor of the diaphragm is damaged. In the detection of high temperature and high pressure medium should pay attention to the protection of the transmitter, do the high temperature heat treatment, prevent the damage of the sensor. Pressure changes in the pipeline floating is bigger, can take pressure or extend through bend take any pressure pipe length and so on ways to reduce the volatility of the differential pressure value.
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