Briefly describes intelligent pressure transmitter measuring methods and superior product performance

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-21
With the rapid development of electronic technology and computer technology, recently appeared with microprocessor, with communication interface of digital transmitter, called intelligent transmitter, as shown in figure 2 & ndash; 15. The measurement part of the intelligent pressure transmitter and speak in front of the capacitive, diffusion silicon type are exactly the same, it realized the digital signal conversion circuit processing, with digital communication function, can at any time online debugging or modify zero and range. Figure 2 - Figure 2-15 intelligent pressure transmitting table 16 handheld hand operator intelligent pressure transmitter digital and analog mixed use, have 4 ~ 20 ma standard dc output current, and a digital signal communication agreement provisions. Through as shown in figure 2 & ndash; 16 handheld hand of operator can set the transmitter, adjust the zero point, scale and engineering unit parameters, such as, using the configuration of the transmitter set some specific functions; On the other hand, can put the field parameters, such as pressure value, the output signal, such as field device information displayed on the handheld hand operator, make the scene debugging is very convenient. Level 1, the influence of temperature changes on the measurement of smaller, more stable zero. Intelligent pressure transmitter can make the diagnosis for the measuring system working condition, to the transmitter connected with a handheld hand operator are in good condition, operating correctly, each set is normal, whether the measured value transfinite projects such as diagnosis, to record error information is stored, and can also be displayed by handheld hand operator, for users to know the situation at any time, troubleshooting. Because the intelligent pressure transmitter has excellent overall performance and the ability to long-term, stable work, so only need to check once every five years. Intelligent pressure transmitter and handheld hand operator used in combination, can be remote from the production, especially dangerous or difficult to reach to the transmitter, operation and maintenance of the transmitter has brought great convenience. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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