Vortex street flowmeter installation requirements are as follows

by:KAIDI     2021-01-16
1, measure the liquid vortex flow meter should be installed on the full of measured medium pipeline. 2, vortex flow meter installed in a horizontal pipe laying, should fully consider the effect of medium temperature on the transmitter. 3, vortex street flowmeter in vertical pipe runs, when installation shall meet the following requirements: a) When measuring gas. Fluid may take any flow; b) Measuring the liquid, the liquid should be under the and upward mobility. 4, vortex street flowmeter downstream should be not less than 5 d ( Flow meter in diameter) The straight pipe length, length of straight pipe upstream vortex flowmeter shall meet the following requirements: a) When the instrument process piping diameter diameter ( D) When need to reducing, not less than 15 d; b) When the process piping diameter less than a meter in diameter, D) To be expanding, not less than 18 d; c) Flowmeter has a 900 elbow and tee before, not less than 20 d; d) Before flowmeter has two consecutive 900 bend in the same plane, not less than 40 d; e) Flow meter with different plane before connecting the two 900 elbow, not less than 40 d; f) Flow meter is installed in the downstream of the regulating valve, not less than 50 d; g) Flow meter is equipped with not less than 2 d before the length of the rectifier, the former should be 2 d, rectifier rectifier shall not be less than 8 d straight pipe length. 5, the possible gas in the liquid to be tested, should install deaerator. 6, the vortex street flowmeter should be installed in does not cause the location of the produced liquid gasification. 7, before and after the vortex street flowmeter straight pipe diameter and flow meter diameter deviation should be no greater than 3%. 8, for possible damage detecting element ( Spiral body) , pipe installation of flowmeters should add before and after the stop valve and bypass valve, plug-in vortex flowmeter should be installed to cut off the ball. 9, vortex street flowmeter should not be installed in the places where vibration.
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