The use of the liquid level transmitter points simple analysis

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-21
Liquid level transmitter main points of using simple analysis level measurement of liquid level transmitter is a kind of common instruments, is based on the measured hydrostatic principle of directly proportional to the height of the liquid is made and be become, according to the different proportion of liquid in a linear relationship with different produced by high pressure principle, the implementation of the volume of water, oil, paste, liquid high, weight, accurate measurement and transmission, is widely used in many fields. Liquid level transmitter is widely used in rivers, ground water, reservoir, water tower and container level measurement and control of the occasion, it is determined by measuring the liquid pressure, in turn, conversion into a liquid level sensor, the principle is that the measured liquid static pressure and the height of the liquid is directly proportional relationship. Whether the liquid level transmitter can be divided into, according to the need to bring need remote transmission two kinds. Usually adopt diffusion silicon pressure sensor core body resistance, ceramic or sapphire, with high measurement precision, compact structure, good stability, etc. The characteristics of the liquid level transmitter: 1: installation of flexible, easy to use, groups but simple, can display on site. 2: signal isolation amplifier, cutoff frequency interference design, anti-interference ability strong. 3: prevent dewing, lightning protection, corrosion resistance, anti block design. 4: the probe diameter of 19 mm ~ 42 mm optional. 5: connection reverse and over voltage protection, current limiting protection. Liquid level transmitter use: 1, the protection of cable, good ventilation can not be bent or blocked, cannot damage, more redundant cable can dish up nearby. 2, outdoor installation of lightning protection measures liquid level transmitter will be taken. 3, choose stabilized voltage supply power alone. The stability of the power affects the performance of the liquid level transmitter, its error control in the liquid level transmitter allows the following one 5. To have special power supply requirements of products, must take special power supply. 4, in the large fluctuations in situations such as a submersible pump liquid level transmitter installation using inserted steel pipe, steel pipe should be fixed firmly, steel tube on each want to open a hole from a distance, to stay away from pole position in and out of the gate. 5, junction box is fixed firmly, or include a fixed bracket, to prevent in a dry, shade place, can't get wet, liquid level transmitter signal lines shall take tape screened cable, to prevent electromagnetic interference. 7, in the correct wiring connection liquid level transmitter, the polarization time in 15 to 30 minutes. 8, if the liquid level transmitter installed in a pool of water, water tower, etc, it can be probe drowned in the water, away from the location of the water flow too fast. When choosing liquid level transmitter, you first inspection applications, if applied in the corrosive environment, should choose high protection grade, and corrosion sensors, also note the size of the liquid level sensor range and the requirements of the interface. Liquid level transmitter is widely used in water plant, sewage treatment, urban water supply, high-rise buildings, Wells, mines, industrial the pool, water tank, oil pool, oil tank, hydrological geology, reservoir, river, ocean, etc liquid level measurement, isolation amplifier circuit adopts anti-interference, cutoff frequency interference design ( Strong anti-jamming capability, lightning protection) , over voltage protection, current limiting protection, impact resistant, corrosion protection design, such as by the manufacturer.
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