The characteristics of small ultrasonic flowmeter and the share of the market now

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-23
According to the scientific research personnel information, from the global prepared ultrasonic flowmeter in the UK, its commodity appearance design is so small, and even can be arranged in sequence on a hair. If this information is hard, so the research achievements of the future will be widely used to explore the external economic environment, such as cells. Product research and development working group membership of the university of Nottingham communique released that day, saying, to your university applied optics science working group manufacturing out of this kind of small ultrasonic flowmeter. It is much smaller than the current ultrasonic flowmeter, 600 this kind of controller to together will be more than a total width of the hair. Although it looks small, but its role can be a little also not small, it together with ultrasound characteristics and electron optical characteristics, when the ultrasound, slightly deformation in cognition, this kind of deformation can be detected by direct their laser, and then get the information content of ultrasound; On the contrary, if it comes out a laser single pulse, it can also be stimulated to sonic gaiden surplus, testing the overall goals. Science and technology of the scientific research personnel are matt & middot; Clark said, the prevalence of nanomaterials for small ultrasound detectors, their development and design of new machinery and equipment will be ultrasound detection technology to nanotechnology limit applies. At this stage we have understood the application of ultrasound diagnosis and treatment of inspection, this kind of new machinery and equipment can be used for ultrasonic examination was conducted for 1 individual cells inside, show me your past is difficult to obtain the physiological information content. In addition, this type of ultrasonic flowmeter pixels are high, it is used the frequency of the acoustic frequency than the invisible light, therefore in the basic theory, it can get better than * * * optical microscope is a clear image. , with the rapid development of ultrasonic technology, ultrasonic using the commodity the crack are common in many industries, * * * is common to medicine industry condition is diagnosed, now ultrasound diagnosis has become the essential way of diagnosis in clinical medical specialty. Because ultrasound for liquid and liquid through great skill, especially in the is not in transparent liquid, it can penetrate more than ten meters to a depth of 1. And in case of residue or paging surface can cause obvious reflector to produce reflective surface echo, meet theme content block can cause the doppler effect. Therefore be used in industrial production, national defense security, biological medicine, etc. Ultrasonic distance sensors to use in the material level ( Liquid level meter) Detection, based on the basic principle of using ultrasonic time difference type. Now ultrasonic flowmeter in the pipeline flow measurement and the way of open type flow measurement is also a lot of use. Included in intelligent robot anti-slip, various ultrasound close to switch, and the security alarm system and related industry also have a goods in the delivery. Application scenario for all kinds of precise measurement of working principle of ultrasonic machinery and equipment, its work, installation is convenient, moistureproof, launch of small, high sensitivity, convenient and industrial production display instrument connection, also show the launch of a great camera. Practical application of the industry at present has the following several aspects: one, the ultrasonic flowmeter are able to carry out testing of shipping containers. Install the ultrasonic flow meter at the top of the plastic melt cans or plastic material room, to the shipping container inside out when sound wave frequency, will be able to analyze the condition of the shipping container above, such as full or empty or half full. Second, the ultrasonic flowmeter can be used to test the whole piece of transparent material, liquid and all table is smooth, bright and clean, smooth fine shape and raw materials and arc. But discomfort for outdoor, heat or pressure tank and its natural environment foam block. Third, the ultrasonic flowmeter can be used in food factory, keep the plastic packaging products inspection closed loop control system. Cooperate with each other the new technical can be in damp ring such as a bottle washer, natural environment noise, transformation of temperature is extremely strong, the natural environment to carry out the test. ( 1] Four, ultrasonic flowmeter can be used to detect the liquid level meter, test completely transparent material and raw materials, manipulation of support and its accurate measurement spacing, the key for the packaging machine, bottle making, raw materials moving detection coal equipment, plastic granules and its auto manufacturing, etc. Ultrasonic flowmeter steps can be used to monitor in order to enhance product quality, test faults, have a clear and other aspects. Five, the ultrasonic flowmeter for liquid pipeline and gas flow measurement, the precise measurement of the traffic flow in open channel open.
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