Take full advantage advantage at home and abroad to combine embellish instrument in unprecedented opportunities for development of science and technology

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-20
Domestic development of instrument and meter industry presents an unprecedented good momentum in 2014, especially in the country's industrial policy, under the special support of instrument and meter table industry obtained the strong push, the current domestic instrument and meter industry has completed the root of the domestic good layout, radiation domestic and influence. New energy, communication network, high-end equipment manufacturing industry, new materials, development of biological manufacturing industries, will no doubt be brought strong market demand market instrument and meter industry, so the technical service and technology upgrade are also put forward higher requirements. The improvement of the information industry to upgrade, a new opportunity for the development of instrument and meter industry. On October 28, 2014 - In Shanghai on October 30, the new domestic exhibition center of the 84th session of the China electronics, the yarrow famous exhibitions at home and abroad, the exhibition on display instrument is representing the new level of domestic instrument industry development. For the typical product is: the radar level meter, ultrasonic flow meter and a series of represents the technology of instrument product when first at home and abroad. In the calendar year instrument industry exhibition, instrument and meter pavilion is always the focus of exhibitors, in new products and new technology exchange activities, electronics show platform role more and more obvious. Held in the autumn of the 84th session of the China electronics, instruments and meters exhibition presents did not show the same fire first new trend, many businessmen have electronics is regarded as the bridge of the enterprise and the market link, here can not only get a line market dynamic information, and also can communicate with a full brother industry, for the introduction of new technology and an innovative way to expand a broader product upgrade. Controller introduces, according to the opening of the 84th session of the China electronics show in the registration phase, the electronics show high number of exhibitors has been achieved over the years, and there are many enterprises in soon, ShangWei advantages and industry advantages of integration, shows high capabilities of the instruments in the electronics industry. As this year's premier event in the electronics industry, the exhibition will be greater level of giving full play to the advantages of the platform, guide the merchants dig potential industry, formed from the science and technology to the market, from resources to benefit, from domestic to domestic whole breakthrough, at the same time of strengthening technology exchange and market development, can also for the future development of instrument and meter industry agglomeration super power. In 2014, the industry pattern of domestic instrument and meter industry also changed obviously, in the first half of the instrument and meter industry in our country export growth 36. 4%, the data show that domestic imports advanced instrument long-term situation has changed thoroughly, instrument and meter industry of domestic research and development, production capacity has reached the domestic level, to meet domestic demand at the same time, the industry also is becoming an important export industry. Like before can only rely on imports of radar level meter, ultrasonic flowmeter are now able to find many technology and manufacturing technology in domestic and imported products as producers. We are delighted to see the account under the premise of raw materials and technology advantage, domestic competitiveness of domestic instrument and meter industry is rising. So a good instrument industry at home and abroad in the development of environment, how to turn resource advantage and technical advantage to market advantage, is the industry to the core power of sustainable development, how we firmly grasp the domestic and foreign market development opportunities is the key to the development of the instrument and meter industry in China. Through this time of the 84th session of the China electronics provides both advantages integration platform, this represents a high level of domestic industry exhibition give full play to its role in domestic communication platform, attracted many manufacturers and sales companies involved.
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