Pressure gauge, pressure transmitter, pressure sensor difference in where

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-24
The difference between the pressure gauge and pressure transmitter is & hellip; … A: general directly installed in the pipeline pressure gauges, using the expansion of the internal pipe pressure sensor, and driven gear mechanism to rotate the pointer to achieve the effect of showing pressure values. B: pressure transmitter is generally used in industrial control automation. Install where need to read the pressure, possibly for a certain storage tanks, pipelines or wait for gas, liquid pressure signal into current or voltage signal, the current or voltage signals will be provided to the recorder, controller, alarm, such as instrument, so, reach the role of measurement, recording and adjustment. The difference between sensor and pressure transmitter & hellip; … A: nowadays people said sensor is composed of two parts, namely, respectively is sensitive components and conversion components. The sensitive element refers to the sensor can feel directly or part of the response is measured; Conversion element refers to the sensor will be sensitive element in feeling or response is measured into electrical signal part of the suitable for transfer or measurement. As a result of the sensor output signal is generally weak, needs to be modulated and amplification. With the development of the integrated technology, people will this part of the circuit and power supply circuit is installed inside the sensor together. In this way, the sensor output can be easy to handle, the transmission of the available signal. B: the so-called sensitive element of sensor is refers to the above, the transmitter is above the conversion components. Pressure transmitter is on the basis of the output signal of pressure sensor, is a kind of accept pressure variable proportionally converted to standard output signal of the instrument.
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