Plug-in thermal flowmeter installation steps

by:KAIDI     2021-01-19
Correct choice point and the correct installation quality flowmeter is a very important link, if the installation link error, light person affect measurement accuracy, the person that weigh can affect the service life of the flowmeter, even damage the meter. Katie automation instrument equipment factory advice: (1) meter either vertical or horizontal installation, shall keep the meter is in a state level. (2) in not allowed to stop gas or unexpected stop gas will cause significant in return loss, you must set up the bypass. (3) the front of the meter at least 10 d straight pipe, the rear have at least 5 d ( D for pipe diameter) The straight pipe. (4) if the meter installed in the outdoor, should add meter sun shade, avoid insolation, drench. Near 5 meter shall confirm the strong magnetic field, strong electric field and a strong mechanical vibration. 6 meter electrostatic grounding should be reliable, but they should not be Shared with high-voltage electrical grounding. All landowners environment should confirm to aluminum alloy non-corrosive effect. Today to make sure the arrow on the gas flow direction and flow meter in the same direction. Pet-name ruby is prohibited in the environment of explosive welding operation. Attending have special request for welding the environment should be carried out in accordance with the relevant requirements of operation. ⑪ ban will flow meter is installed on the low point in the pipeline, otherwise easy to gather water and other impurities. HKTMF thermal type gas mass flowmeter is using the heat conduction principle measuring instrument of fluid flow. The instrument adopts the temperature differential method to measure gas mass flow accurately. With small volume, high degree of digital, easy installation, measurement accuracy, etc. HKTMF sensor part consists of two level benchmark platinum resistance temperature sensor. Adopt bridge type circuit, a fluid temperature sensor measurement, another sensor to maintain higher than that of fluid temperature of constant temperature difference, but under the condition of high temperature and high pressure flow rate measurement. Methods/steps to choose to install some horizontal straight pipe installation, the installation of straight pipe for: the installation point upstream throttling element is apart from the installation point must be greater than 10 pipe diameters, downstream throttling element installation points away from the installation must be greater than five pipe diameters, in the case of conditional proposal make straight pipe before and after the longest. Install the base in the explosive environment for welding operation is prohibited. Have special request for welding the environment should be carried out in accordance with the relevant requirements of operation. Base according to different installation way, divided into two kinds of welding and card. When installation should make base is located in the direction of the pipe cross section vertex, and the base hole of the axis perpendicular to the pipe axis. Welding type base installation is complete drawings ( Welding position has do antirust processing) 。 Install ball valve tighten the special stainless steel valves and base. In contact pressure to use the gasket ( Use nylon material medium temperature under 100 ℃, 100 ℃ above using copper mass) 。 Connection structure as shown in figure 1, figure 9 for the rendering of the installation is complete. Punch punch carefully before confirm the scene environment, ensure the safety of the operation. After the completion of the punch to close the valve in time, to avoid air leakage. Punching allow online installation, use, ling instrument company special hole tool, can realize online does not shut down hole installation, see instructions for use of special tools. Production of punching, punching a variety of methods can be used, to ensure the hole axis and the base hole axis concentric. If use gas cutting way opening, should arrange drilling operation in the base before welding.
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