For the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter excitation coil, electrode, the lining of the inspection points

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-26
Fault check the main parts of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is also the main instrument constitute structure and key parts, electromagnetic flowmeter key for data precision instrument measuring components and decisive * excitation coil first, and then the electrodes and the lining, instrument measurement system as a whole, the every parts need to be in good working condition to guarantee the precision of the output. For excitation coil inspection project is check the excitation coil and its converter excitation current measured by indirect evaluate whether magnetic field intensity, change; For checking measuring electrode is focused on the electrode of fluid resistance in the evaluation of electrode surface filth and lining layer adhesion conditions; Check each part to determine parts insulation resistance degradation degree to assess whether can introduce interference; Can stop lining inspection is focused on flow conditions in the medium in the pipeline can be observed and measured the electrode and the lining thickness of adhesive layer and to estimate the cleaning before and after the adhesive layer due to the flow area of incoming flow value changes. A, check the excitation coil copper resistance: using high precision digital multimeter or wheatstone bridge measuring coil resistance, when it is necessary for the revised temperature coefficient and value comparison instrument archives. Confirm whether the coil and had good conduction interturn short circuit phenomenon. , check the excitation coil insulation resistance: the excitation coil and the terminal be affected with damp be affected with damp after excitation circuit of insulation, is likely to introduce the excitation signal flow signal transmission circuit, electrode with a larger insulation resistance and resistance to the partial pressure of excitation voltage signal, form a larger common-mode interference signals. When the interfering signal exceeds converter preamplifier retarding ability, makes the converter zero drift. Insulation resistance decline is not very serious, this phenomenon also imperceptible when meter run. Besides IP68 no terminal box, in practice due to negligence, terminal box sealed into the moisture, terminal insulation resistance decreased to 5 ~ 6 m & Omega; When the following breakdowns. Blow dry terminal, usually fault can be eliminated. 3, check the electrode resistance: intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter sensor electrode by fluid resistance should be in the new instrument debugging good immediately after measurement, and recorded. Every maintenance measure once, after analyzing and comparing these data to help determine the cause of the problem. On the surface of the electrode contact resistance depends on the contact with the liquid liquid conductivity being tested. Different media has the obvious difference measured resistance value. Electrode by fluid resistance available pointer multimeter measure respectively when measuring tube filled with liquid resistance between each terminal electrode and ground. Experience shows that measured the difference between the two electrodes of the contact resistance should be less than 10% ~ 20%, otherwise that is faulty. Electrodes measured by liquid resistance compared with the original measurements if there are differences, reason is: a, two electrode insulation adhesive layer covering the inconsistent or an electrode signal circuit insulation resistance decreased; B, increased resistance value is the electrode surface is covered by insulation layer; C, resistance reduction is adhered on the surface of the lining near electrode conductive deposits or electrode assembly ( Such as insulated ring) Insulation. Sometimes, though not form a fault, but should be as a precursor to failure and take corresponding measures. Four, check the polarization voltage between electrodes/liquid: to measure the voltage will help determine whether electrodes was filthy or cover, which may form zero output instability or failure. 5, check the signal circuit insulation and insulation between excitation circuit/signal circuit: the check to assess whether introducing interference by insulation fell. Check the signal circuit, the signal lines to temporary release and electrode. Cause insulation down a junction box is not sealed into the moisture, protection type sensor cable when cut in again not to do moistureproof processing, etc. 6, check the insulation resistance of the electrode and the lining condition: the examination of small diameter instrument is to be removed from the pipeline of large diameter instrument can vent effusion from into the pipe into the hole after observation: dry lining the inner surface with test two electrodes to ground insulation resistance by megger are; If the lining is attached layer shall be cleared and according to the product thickness determine the cleaning cycle; If the adhesive layer is not thick and conductivity is the same as the fluid is negligible additional error area of change; If the adhesive layer conductivity will produce positive additional error is less than the liquid, the opposite produces negative additional error. Electrode insulation resistance generally requires more than 100 m & Omega; More, insulation falling due to electrode, bushing, etc by the outside world (caused by flooding be affected with damp be affected with damp With hot blow out moisture) ; If the insulation damage ( Such as corrosive liquid from seal intrusion) Must change the sensor or return to the manufacturer to repair. Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is my company's flagship product, USES the domestic and foreign technology developed by the intelligent intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter,. The sensor using non-uniform magnetic field technology and special magnetic circuit structure, magnetic field is stable and reliable, and narrow the volume, reduce the repetition, make small flow meter quantitative characteristics. The entire Chinese electromagnetic transducer kernel and high-speed central processing unit. Computing speed very fast, high precision, reliable performance measurement. Make customer & other; Buy the rest assured that with the worry, service good & throughout; Is the purpose of my company. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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