Flow meter in measuring viscosity fluid viscosity and float more highly

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-30
Flow meter is also known as the rotor flowmeter, or area meter. Suitable for small diameter and low velocity medium flow measurement. Flow meter according to its material is different, divided into the glass tube flow meter, three types of plastic pipe and metal pipe float float flowmeter flowmeter. Metal pipe flow meter is commonly used in industrial automation process control of a variable area flow meter. It has small volume, wide detection range, convenient use, etc. It can be used to measure the rate of flow of liquid, gas and steam, especially suitable for low velocity of small flow of medium flow measurement. Flow meter adopts modular design, easy maintenance, normal use free maintenance; Uniaxial sensitive instructions and non-contact new type magnetic coupling structure of products, let more stable signal transmission; Product double line, large screen LCD display instantaneous, the cumulative flow, can take a backlight, making it easy for users to record information. Intelligent flow meter with power lost protection, data backup and restore functions, in order to ensure data accuracy and integrity. Flow meter adopts full metal structure, seismic, pressure, heat resistance, anti-corrosion, long service life and can be used in inflammable and explosive dangerous situations. Product short stroke, total height of 250 mm, make a design more convenient installation. At the same time the product installation for straight pipe requirements is low, 5 dn before and after the 250 mm. Flow meter in the measurement process, always keep the throttling components ( Float) Before and after the pressure drop of the same, but change by changing the circulation area of flow meter, so called constant pressure flowmeter. Flow meter because of its simple structure, reliable operation, small pressure loss and stability, low measurable velocity of medium, and many other advantages, has been widely used in gas and liquid flow measurement and automatic control system. Float is a key part of the flow meter, based on the experiment and the experimental results of data analysis, reveals the current body and float float flowmeter height before corresponding relation, which provides reference for friends in using float flow timing: a dynamic, fluid viscosity fluid viscosity & mu; Is determined by the intrinsic to the fluid physical properties, its value is a direct measure the size of fluid viscosity, and the movement of the fluid to resist shear deformation ability strong or weak a measure [ 2] 。 In the same environment conditions, & mu; Big big viscosity, and vice versa, & mu; Is the unit of Pa? s。 Second, the experimental device in this paper, experiments are conducted on how viscosity fluid flow experiment device of standard. Experiment using the standard table method, as a standard table roots flowmeter, by adjusting the flow valve opening change. The structure of the experiment device schematic diagram is shown in figure 1. Three, selection of experimental data in this paper, the high concentration of aqueous solution of methyl cellulose as the backing, by adjusting the ratio of solution, modulate viscosity 85 mpa respectively? s,65mPa? S and 30 mpa? S of the aqueous solution of methyl cellulose, has carried on the test of 10 flow point. Four, summary by the principle of flow meter, the fluid viscosity is almost the same situation, fluid density is different due to the float height changes; But this experiment with methyl cellulose solution density and the density of water is very close, even to adjust its concentration to change the viscosity of the fluid medium, methyl cellulose solution density change is also very small, the density changes here can be ignored completely. Therefore, it can be seen that the experimental phenomena we see is not caused by fluid density, but completely caused by fluid viscosity change. To conclude, therefore, the experimental conclusion: under the same flow point, for different viscosity fluids, the height of the float is different, the higher the viscosity, the height of the float is higher. ( In this paper, published by the embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. )
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