DN65 orifice flowmeter in use process matters needing attention

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-19
DN65 orifice meter is the standard orifice plate and the main parameters of the differential pressure transmitter ( Or differential pressure transmitter, intelligent transmitter and temperature transmitter) Supporting facilities of traffic equipment, high degree of value than the gas pressure can be accurately measure the total capacity of gas, steam, liquids, and lead, used in oil, chemical, metallurgical industry, power engineering, heating, power supply and other industries of process management and accurate measurement. DN65 orifice meter when applied to the installation and application of steam flowmeter a clear grasp of common problems, to ensure the orifice meter after the application is not easy to appear abnormal. Many customers is due to the installation and application of orifice meter at that time don't pay attention to, emerged many events inconvenience caused. Here people tell guys easily under orifice meter application to pay more attention to matters, looking forward to our guys to help. 1. Application of orifice meter at that time, don't need to make certain whether need piece of magnetic material is close to the orifice meter, zui powerful fine wire fixed up, or probably will harm the normal application, still can let skew orifice meter application. 2. Orifice meter installed at that time, don't need to install in close to the raw materials, in case of raw materials speed in the area of area transformation, precise measurements appear big ups and downs. Together, the installation of orifice meter at that time, the good is the vertical installation, zui dashboard and vessel tube zui good gate, convenient the usual cleaning maintenance. 3. Application of orifice meter to accurately measure at that time, the material being tested zui good magnetic chemicals, with liquid residue and don't have to take to prevent the liquid level transmitter jam situation, harm to the normal application of orifice meter. About this all should pay attention to when the whole process of application of orifice flowmeter, perhaps orifice meter installed application common problems also keep this at a distance, we can grasp to the clerk at the time that the choose and buy is clear, in case of a problem in the future.
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