Briefly describes the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter connection mode and instructions for the menu

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-20
The intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter because of its unique advantages, its expression in the process of measurement is not affected by the temperature of the measured medium, viscosity, density and electrical conductivity ( Within a certain range) The influence of. Now is widely used in industrial production of various conductive liquid flow measurement, mainly used in chemical industry, papermaking, food, textile, metallurgy, environmental protection, water supply and drainage and other industries, with the development of informatization and networking, industrial production for the industrial production data in a network share and far SPC control has become the trend of future development, form a complete set of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter and the computer can realize remote control system, this to save production cost and improve production efficiency undoubtedly has a great advantage. How intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter wiring: electromagnetic flowmeter connection span a wide range of characteristics, to 1:100. In addition, the characteristics of the electromagnetic flowmeter wiring only is proportional to the average flow velocity of the measured medium, and axisymmetric flow state ( Laminar or turbulent) Has nothing to do. The characteristics of the electromagnetic flowmeter connection without the mechanical inertia, responsive, can measure the instantaneous pulse flow, and linear is good, the measured signal can be directly with the converter linear transformation into standard signal output. If you want to use good electromagnetic flowmeter, * first step is very important, it is how the split type electromagnetic flowmeter wiring. Generally the process of measuring instrument are two wire gauge, power supply and signal has two wires. The electromagnetic flowmeter is using four wire, power supply and signal lines, communication power supply are available, and either use dc power supply or both current signal and output signal pulse and alarm signal, must pay attention to when wiring, power supply and signal lines can not be wrong, so as not to damage the meter. Electromagnetic flowmeter wiring is divided into two parts, the internal connection with external, internal wiring is commonly 5 lines, sensor and switching amplifier connection. X, y, ACB, namely will issue two magnetic coil wiring, x, y, electrode connection ACB, two electrode connection AB, a grounding for C. External connection is usually access to power supply. Second line, the signal output line: six, is commonly 4 to 20 ma output line two, RS232 communication line two root, two root RS485 communication line. On the barrel was the grounding terminal. When buying a product installation in general as long as the external connection, open the table cover according to the manual for not complicated. But if the pipe is not conductive, can all will be well grounded properly and avoid traffic or drift phenomenon is not allowed. Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is introduced: the electrostatic induction phenomenon, that is, the coupling of electricity, in a relatively two objects, such as one of the potential changes, due to the capacitance between the object to another object of the potential is also changing. Interference sources through capacitive coupling interfere in the loop. It is the result of the interaction between two electric field. Through the electromagnetic induction, which is formed by the electrostatic induction interference is most of the work of 50 hz frequency interference voltage. But the rest of the equipment, including high frequency generator, with a commutator motor, also can produce the high frequency interference. Due to the discharge between the thunder clouds, thunder clouds and the earth, can also be induced abnormal voltage on the wiring. Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter menu operation: pipeline electromagnetic flowmeter, and the corresponding fluid flow from small to calculate the volume flow in the induction voltage, and a 4 ~ 20 ma output signal. In order to ensure to get the right signal, must be set before using three parameters, namely the sizing, instrument coefficient and flow range, the former two parameters when the factory has good school, the user does not need to set, and the flow range of the output current into 20 ma instantaneous flow value, must carry out calibration before use. In addition, the display mode of flow meter, such as alarm mode must also be set. The parameters of the flowmeter set ( The configuration) There are two ways: one is to use the buttons on the display panel, the second is the use of hand-held intelligent terminal. Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter signal source and the connection between the wire and the wiring inside the instrument by magnetic coupling interfere in the circuit. As we used in the engineering of large power transformer, ac motor, high voltage power grid of have a strong alternating magnetic field in the surrounding space, the instrument of closed loop in this kind of change will produce magnetic field induction electric potential. Embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. , engaged in the manufacture of the electromagnetic flowmeter for many years, for the modelling of product and has a complete set of installation and maintenance plan, if you are in the process of production the question, can call the company domestic sales hotline, we will have experts to solve for you immediately. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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