Turbine flowmeter selection right five aspects to consider

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-26
Speed of turbine flowmeter is a kind of instrument, it has high precision, good repeatability, no zero drift, high range ratio, simple structure, less moving parts, high pressure resistance, wide measuring range, small volume, light weight, small pressure loss, convenient maintenance, the turbine flowmeter has high quality bearings and special design of deflector, thus greatly reduce the wear and tear, is not sensitive to the peak, even under harsh conditions can be reliable measurement variables is given. In petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, food, biological, chemical, city gas pipeline network and other industries has wide use value. Choose suitable model selection of the turbine meter need to consider the following five aspects: 1, according to the request of measuring purpose: asked to choose with instantaneous flow and cumulative flow ( The cumulative flow) , flow display units, measurement accuracy, repeatability, linearity and flow range and scope of degrees, measuring temperature, pressure, temperature, pressure loss compensation, output signal characteristics and the response time, etc. Different objects have their respective measurement purposes, have different emphasis on its performance in the turbine flowmeter. 2, measuring dielectric properties requirements: chemical corrosion and fouling, chemical sometimes become the fluid selection determinants of measurement and instrumentation. Some fluids will cause corrosion instrument contact parts, surface precipitation scale or produce electrolytic metal surface crystal chemistry. 3, the measured medium group phase: according to the measured medium is single phase change medium or measuring multiphase and multicomponent flow should be treated with caution. Turbine flowmeter to measure individual clean medium, the electromagnetic flowmeter can measure the solid liquid two phase mixture medium, etc. Requirements: 4, compression system and other parameters measuring gas need to know the compression coefficient values, in order to calculate the working status of fluid density. Component fixed fluid density by pressure, temperature and the compression coefficient calculation; Composition changes of fluid and work towards ( Or in) Supercritical zone, should consider online measuring density. 5, measurement accuracy requirements: it is necessary to define the measurement accuracy of the overall requirements and is in a particular flow, or within the range of flow in a certain temperature and pressure changes and significant change, its value is generally low, and the differences between various kinds of gas is smaller. Intelligent liquid turbine flow meter accuracy level commonly used level is 1. Level 0 and 0. Level 5, the accuracy level than the average turn a subclass flowmeter is high for high accuracy of the customer is a good choice. ( In this paper, published by the embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. )
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