The liquid level transmitter power to be reckoned with

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-20
Liquid level transmitter power to be reckoned with liquid level transmitter has the very strong corrosion resistance, it is to have a such a characteristic, make the liquid level transmitter is suitable for those with strong corrosive environment. Is in some strong corrosive medium, the liquid level transmitter can still work very good. Liquid level transmitter flexibility than normal transmitter, this makes the liquid level transmitter of the applicable scope is broad, each domain application. In the field of industrial production, have a kind of instrument is widely used, this is the liquid level transmitter. It is widely used in the including oil refining, chemical industry, food production, etc. The stand or fall of the liquid level transmitter, directly affect the efficiency of industrial production. Liquid level transmitter is simple in structure, say its structure is simple, the original stability is not loose, the advantages of reliability. And simple structure makes the liquid level transmitter is not easy to damage. As a result, liquid level transmitter is a kind of very small demand for maintenance of the liquid level transmitter. In terms of adaptability, liquid level transmitter was stronger than other ordinary liquid level transmitter. This is mainly the transmitter has this several very good feature. The first important characteristic is its high temperature properties, making this a transmitter can be applied to high temperature and high pressure environment. Even in the environment of abnormal high temperature and high pressure, the liquid level transmitter is not damaged. Transfeeder at its various level changes of the parameters can be converted into a standard current signal, remote transmission to the operating room, for secondary instrument or computer for centralized display, alarm, or automatic control. Its good structure and installation, can be used in high temperature and high pressure, strong corrosion, easy to crystallization, prevent jams, prevent cold junction and under special conditions, such as solid powder, granular material level, material level or the level of continuous testing, liquid level transmitter can be widely used in all kinds of industrial process control testing. Simple structure: there were moving or elastic element, so high reliability, maintenance quantity very few. Convenient installation: the liquid level transmitter built in especially shows the characteristics of the structure, without any special tools. Convenient adjustment: the zero and span two potentiometer can be zero within the scope of the liquid level detection effectively any migration or range change, two adjustment each other. Wide range of USES; Liquid level transmitter is suitable for high temperature and high pressure, strong corrosive medium level measurement. Above is the small make up to introduce liquid level transmitter advantage analysis, hope to be of help, if you want to know more information, you can to our view.
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