The intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter be lined with the cause and the choice of tips

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-14
Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter used in modern industrial production field is becoming more and more widely, the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter measurement and accuracy but also along with the advance of manufacturing technique and technology and constantly improve, electromagnetic flowmeter measurement principle is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction: conductive liquid for cutting lines of magnetic force in magnetic field movement, the potential is induced in the conductor, measuring flow, the electrical conductivity of liquid with speed V through the perpendicular to the flow direction of magnetic field, the flow of the liquid conductivity sense if a voltage is proportional to the average flow velocity, the induced voltage signal by two or more direct contact with the liquid electrode pick, and through the cable to the converter by intelligent processing, then the LCD display or converted into a standard signal 4 ~ 20 ma output and 0-1 KHZ. Thus, the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter can measure the conductive fluid flow. When electromagnetic flowmeter selection, we have a selection of important parameters, that is the lining material within the instrument of choice, why electromagnetic flowmeter must carry on the lining, it is decided by the principle of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter measurement. Electromagnetic flowmeter generally has a set of coil and two electrodes, the role of the coil is an electric field is put in the fluid, the flow of conducting liquid is equivalent to a conductor, according to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction when conductor cutting lines of magnetic force produces a corresponding electromotive force is proportional to the speed, the effect of electrode is measuring the induced electromotive force, so the measuring tube only electrode is connected to the conductive liquid, other part is lined with, to ensure the insulation, electromagnetic flowmeter can work normally. If there is a magnetic field the metal pipe is in contact with the liquid phase, electromagnetic flowmeter and the short circuit between the conductive liquid and metal, there will be a conductive, potential guide will go make electromagnetic flowmeter cannot measure the electric potential. So the interior of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter are lining. And for this reason, we use the electromagnetic flowmeter can measure the flow of conducting liquid, that is to say, the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter for the dielectric constant of the measured medium have a low demand, conductivity is lower than the threshold will produce measurement error straight to cannot use, even if there is more than threshold changes can also be measured, little change of error of indication, universal electromagnetic flowmeter dielectric constant threshold in 10 - lower limit value The 4 ~ ( 5 × 10 - 6) S/CM between, depending on the model. Industrial water and its aqueous solution, the electrical conductivity of more than 10 - 4 s/cm, acid, alkali, salt solution conductivity in 10 - 4 ~ 10 - 1 s/cm use there is no problem, low-grade distilled water for 10 - 5 s/cm is no problem. Oil products and organic solvent low conductivity will not be able to use the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter. From materials to some pure liquid conductivity is low, think you can't use, yet encountered in practical work contains impurities that can use an instance of the impurity is good for increasing electrical conductivity. In aqueous solution, the data of the electrical conductivity is to use pure water ratio measured in the laboratory, the actual use of aqueous solution may use ratio of industrial water, the conductivity will be higher than the check, and conducive to the flow measurement. According to the measured medium is different, the lining material selection of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is endless also and same, ordinary aqueous medium, such as sewage, ionized water with corrosive liquid medium (such as Acid and alkali salt solution) Cannot be used for lining material is same, including the selection of electrodes to measure is also different, according to experience, usually choose as follows the guidance of lining material. 1, ordinary rubber, natural rubber, soft rubber, hard rubber. Operating temperature 60 ℃, its characteristic is elastic and has good wear resistance. Commonly used in urban water supply and drainage, and other fields, corrosion resistance is relatively poor. 2, PTFE, also called PTFE, also called the F4. Lining material, one of which are frequently used because of its stable chemical properties, so commonly used in health level of liquid or strong corrosive liquid, such as strong acid, strong alkali, etc. 3, fep, also called F46. But this kind of material similar to PTFE, wear-resisting performance is stronger than PTFE material, the same high medium temperature up to 100 ℃. 4, poly fluoro ethylene, also called the Fs. Similar characteristics to the F4 material but the temperature is a bit poor, under normal medium temperature does not exceed 80 ℃, cost-effective, F4 material cost is low. 5, Neoprene, also known as CR, also called Neoprene. Its characteristic is wear-resisting performance is good, and the elastic is very good, is generally used in water supply and drainage, sewage treatment and other fields. Corrosion resistance is a bit poor, not resistant to oxidation is a flaw in it. 6, Polyurethane rubber, also called Polyurethane. Possess excellent wear resistance, but for corrosive is inadequate, and temperature shall not exceed 80 ℃, commonly used in industrial and mining environment of wear-resisting requirements higher, such as pulp slurry medium measurement. 7, ceramic material is good, in all material high-end product of * *, * * weakness is no grounding gas price, the production process is complex, the high technical requirements, price very high. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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