The 123 gas flow metering installation requirements

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-18
(1) be based on the requirements of the gas flowmeter flow under certain Reynolds number of fluid flow, the strouhal number is constant. Therefore, the fluid Reynolds number has a lower limit. The following is the current body requirements. 一个。 Should not be used for easy scaling and precipitation of fluid. Vortex happens, body and wall scaling effect instrument body size and circulation area. b。 Should not be used for fluid containing solid particles. Because of the influence in body size, resulting in decreased measurement accuracy. c。 Should not be used for two phase flow fluid flow measurement. Because of the lack of relevant experience. (2) install the gas meter is sensitive to fluid flow and, therefore, should pay attention to the installation conditions on the influence of flow meter. The installation requirements are as follows. 一个。 Note when installation flowmeter flow direction and the actual direction of fluid flow process piping should be consistent. b。 To: choose vertical installation method, fluid flows from bottom to top. For horizontal installation, should be installed in the system of high pressure as much as possible, and ensure outlet pressure. The high temperature fluid (> 150℃) Should be installed vertically, to prevent overheating. Flow meter vertical downward header or header will also be placed in tube side. Installation position should be well ventilated. The installation environment temperature should not exceed the prescribed requirements. c。 Install the flow timing should make measuring line by stress is small, and make each part even stress. d。 Ensure that installation and maintenance of space, easy to maintain, install, and set the parameters changed. e. Installed in place of easy to maintain and repair, no strong electromagnetic interference and the influence of thermal radiation around us. f。 The inner diameter of the tube flowmeter measurement shall conform to the upstream or downstream process piping diameter, and ensure the alignment. Install the washer and weld should not be highlighted to the pipe. g。 Installation location to avoid strong shock and vibration source. Necessary measures should be set to eliminate and reduce the vibration of, for example, increase the fixed support, equipped with damping pads, etc. Installed in the compressor or piston pump discharge flow meter should be set right shock absorber, etc. h。 When measuring liquid should guarantee is full pipe flow, when it is necessary to take - as shown in figure 4 2 full package of measures. Straight pipe (3) a. The gas flow meter, downstream straight pipe length should be enough. Table 4 - 8 is choke upstream gas flowmeter and the relationship of straight pipe required. Choke upstream gas flowmeter and the care of straight pipe required upstream choke type shine flow parts of concentric reducer concentric divergent tube sheet 90 & deg; Bend with planar double 90 & deg; Elbow space double 90 & deg; 15 d15d18d20d25d40d50db elbow straight pipe valve upstream. Downstream straight pipe length is 5 d. When the 90 & deg; Elbow bend radius is 1. 8 d, straight pipe upstream or downstream don't need. Installed in the downstream of the flow meters between the control valve and meter straight pipe for 3 d. c。 End of the thermometer should be installed downstream of the flow meter in the flange downstream 5 d - 8 d location, apply pressure should be installed in the downstream end of the flange downstream flow meters 3 d - 5 d. Some flowmeter directly with the function of temperature detection, used to detect fluid and/or saturated steam temperature. (4) signals pipeline installation of cable laying and installation should comply with the general instrument signal cable laying and installation specification. For example, is not with power cable, signal cable parallel pipe laying, etc. Signal cable into the meter place should be u-shaped, prevent water invasion. ( Instrument science and technology in this paper by embellish release, if you encounter any problems in the process of using the instrument, can call our domestic sales service hotline: 0517 - 86917118, we have * * personnel unriddling for you)
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