Range of pressure transmitter

by:KAIDI     2021-02-08
Katie is located in zibo city in shandong province. What company produces the intelligent pressure transmitter mileage, intelligent pressure transmitter variable lower limit, can be understood as the lower limit of transducer measurement range; But instead of intelligent pressure transmitter variable upper limit is referred to as 'VUL, transducer measuring range is a limit to this. Sensor is referred to as ', the lower limit of the sensor is the LSL, lower limit is IJSL; Here can be understood as a transmitter of the actual use order range lower limit and upper limit; And the other is a intelligent transmitter range limit referred to as 'LRV, ceiling URV for short, is to control and display need to upper and lower range. We understand the abbreviation, so to solve equipment range, for example. If you have 0 ~ 1. 6 ~ 16 mpa pressure transmitter, the transmitter is lower limit VLL 0 mpa, ceiling VUL is 16 mpa. In field measurement, however, so it is impossible to a wide range of pressure, so you need to choose according to the equipment to measure pressure range. If using a 0 - 2. The lower limit of 5 mpa pressure range, the sensor LSL = OmpA, sensor cap USL = 2. 5mpa。 In use, if the corresponding 0 2. Indicates a for 4-5 mpa 20 ma, the range limit LRV = OmpA, maximum range urv = 2. 5mpa。 In digital signal processing part, pressure transmitter variable range from VLL to Vul, once the transmitter design, variable scope is the same. Transmitter and sensor and instrument in the USL and LSL together. When the signal more than LSL, USL or Vll, Vul, alarm instrument according to the specified way. Lsl, USL and VLL and Vul configuration completed by intelligent transmitter manufacturers, users don't need these configuration.
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