Pressure transmitter in the future development needs a correct guidance

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-13
For pressure transmitter industry, the development of the Internet of things is a major problem, also is the problem the interface specification. Some government leading the people's livelihood application required pressure transmitter products, insist on small volume, low cost, high reliability at the same time meet the low power consumption characteristics of pressure transmitter that is the future industrial development need to be solved in one direction. Pressure transmitter input products, to be able to adapt to the physical network of things, a comprehensive perception of application requirements, the application of measuring object becomes very diverse, relative to the current this kind of product fixed measuring the temperature, pressure, flow rate of several conventional physical quantities, such as its measurement needs to greatly expand the application scope and function requirements, in fact, sensor and pressure transmitter as a iot of basic level of equipment, the key to its technology cannot be separated from the input and output of data. Application and development of the Internet of things in the face of the industry, also require the relevant key technologies solved. In the output of the data, is inevitably involved in the network layer data transmission, which requires the output data of the way to clear, in addition to the current fieldbus, wireless communications will also be a bellows pressure gauge products an essential function. At present, although such as wireless technology has been widely used in some industrial occasions, but to the reliability of wait-and-see attitude, and the industry is still in the prison is not only control the situation. In recent years, the industry demand continues to promote the development of the instrument. Compared with international enterprises, domestic enterprises development even though the same, but under the impact of the new demand, is becoming more and more with the demand of the market. Though from the application point of view, the pressure transmitter is the Internet of things industry a product branch of huge scale, but iot notice to expand the application field, the characteristics of equivalent for the pressure transmitter industry opened the door to a lot of new markets, create a huge boost for its. , from the perspective of policy guidance and the state supports the Internet of things on the promoting function of bellows pressure gauge is huge, the current Internet of things industry aimed at numerous, in addition to the traditional industry, the public security, production safety, urban management, energy conservation and emissions reduction, and many other applications also have very many, and each kind of demand for the requirement of the pressure transmitter is different, so the pressure transmitter industry faced with unlimited opportunities.
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