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by:KAIDI     2021-01-16
Anti-corrosion liquid level transmitter is installed on the equipment, the gasket should be installed on the flange surface, then fixed on the flange surface with a bolt. When the device on the pressure vessel, should be according to the relevant requirements of standard with the container pressure test, the water temperature in 1. 25 hours of work pressure, air tightness test in 1. 5 times under the working pressure, confirmed rear can normal use (without leakage Note that when test pressure is greater than the external pressure of 1. 25, from the following locations to remove floating tank. After water pressure test, the tank should float for air tightness test, air tightness test should not be more than the working pressure of 1. 5 times, startup should be opened the upper valve, then slowly open; Reducing valve, make the average flow rate of flow into the tank slowly, so that when the liquid level rise too fast, indicator will not be tracked or damage. Against corrosion liquid level transmitter ( Remote transmission signals) The emergence of a liquid level transmitter manufacturers engineer said it is necessary to use super magnets attract liquid chamber of the magnetic force, simulation of liquid level change, found that liquid level function is normal. Top mounted anti-corrosion chemical liquid level meter device, you first need to equipped with a liquid ball, manual mobile liquid ball, used to simulate the change of liquid level, keep the indicator can work normally. Through the installation of external first will float rod through the outer flange hole wear into the arc, floating magnetic pole ( Sealing surface) Towards indicator, and the long plate and shell parts after sealing and, after being flange face long side alignment, connect the two flanges. The corrosion of high temperature and high pressure liquid level transmitter: 1. According to the assembly drawing and sealed isolation between the small flange, and obligate M12 bolt, nut and packaging. Copper ear plate needs to be installed in the designated position, joint must be tightened, in case of leakage. Equipment installation time appearance, install the seal on the flange joint first, and then use bolt to fix the appearance in the user set aside on the flange. Ground installation is completed, open the valve pressure surface, pay attention to its container, external cavity pressure, temperature stability, through inspection qualified rear can put into use. According to the size of the free space contour, contact can be used to adjust the level gauge transformation value and the change of liquid level meter. Liquid level transmitter manufacturers engineer said, at last, the anti-corrosion appearance is zero measured according to the actual direction of the indicator. PVC corrosion forms such as mechanical strength is relatively low, need to install external metal stents in the device, so that we can ensure safe operation. It is also need to be emphasized that even tighten the flange, to avoid uneven damage.
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