Liquid level transmitter installation using the need to pay attention to what issues

by:KAIDI     2021-01-15
Pressure sensitive core adopted static pressure type fluid shift delivering high performance silicon piezoresistive pressure oil-filled core body, application-specific integrated circuit sensor within the millivolt signal into standard long-distance transmission current signal, can be directly with the computer interface card, convenient control instrument, intelligent instrument and PLC. This series of products are widely used in industrial process control, oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, etc. Liquid level transmitter manufacturers engineer said: also called static pressure type fluid shift delivering into type liquid level transmitter, the product has good stability, high degree, convenient installation, firm structure, no start components, high reliability, long life and fate of oil and water is larger, can improve the precision. Media bubble, deposition, electrical properties, more important is price is very high. Because of the above characteristics, make investment type level gauge measuring liquid level of the preferred products. But in install and use, must pay attention to the following items: one, try to stay away from the water at the bottom of the product and at the bottom of the vertical installation, as far as possible in order to avoid the bottom sludge and probe into the shuikou sundry jam products, guarantee the accuracy of measurement; Second, the installation position of level gauge to stay away from into the drain, in order to prevent damage of overload and negative pressure pressure sensor; Three, isolate the diaphragm pressure transmitter into the mouth with, do not people use foreign body touch; Four, the product should be slowly into a pool or other application site measurement, it is forbidden to random stroke, avoid the damage of water hammer pressure sensor; Five, the maximum amplitude measured liquid in best products full range within the scope of 70% ~ 90% advisable, to ensure sufficient resolution, accuracy and the necessary safety overload capacity; Six, the product must waterproof cable shielding layer and metal junction box, metal sheath, reliable metal together, and with the nearest the reliable connection, the earth so as to guarantee the ability to resist lightning protection; To probe desilting periodically, in order to avoid the blocking pressure inlet; Eight, install and use of such as have problems, please contact with our company, in the product when an exception occurs, please do not open for repairs.
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