Liquid level transmitter in 'high, refined, sharp direction forward

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-22
Liquid level transmitter in 'high, refined, sharp direction forward in actively advocate low carbon life today, people for & other; Green & throughout; Call, show unprecedented strong of green life, green health became the timeless topic, from the national strategy to the people life, from product suppliers to the production of services, in the national & other; 11th five-year plan & other; Is coming to an end, comprehensive welcomed throughout the &; Five-year & other; Development, the advocacy of green printing printing performance is particularly important. Green is the main melody of today's society, green means not only low carbon, energy saving, environmental protection, also represents a new and high technology, high efficiency, high productivity and low cost. In liquid level transmitter, liquid level transmitter depends on these factors, even more seriously than any other industry, so the green liquid level transmitter becomes hot. With the development of the food, medical, chemical and other industries, liquid level transmitter industry is an our country national economy indispensable important new industry, since the 1990 s, although our country's food industrial liquid level transmitter to 20% a year At a rate of 30% growth, but behind its rapid development, there exist some problems. Overall showed a trend of the low starting point of China's food and liquid level transmitter, a region has more than in the production, repeatability is bigger, price competition is intense, profit is weak. Add some export enterprises in this industry is found some business opportunities in foreign markets tend to rush, make some enterprise for customer and killing each other, desperate to bargain, not only the unprofitable. To further improve the liquid level transmitter, liquid level transmitter industry in China's overall strength, make it able to compete in the international trend, and pursued the international level. Put forward the following points: first, liquid level transmitter development 'high, refined, sharp is the key development in terms of current situation, the liquid level transmitter equipment to meet the needs of the food, pharmaceutical industry rapid development, and actively participate in international competition, it must break' small and scattered industry posture, in 'high, refined, sharp direction forward. Also have the personage inside course of study thinks, the future packaging industry will cooperate with industrial automation trend, on technical development toward mechanical function diversification, standardization and modularization structure design, intelligent control, structure, high precision and so on several directions. 2, change idea, independent innovation is the way to the introduction of foreign advanced technology of liquid level transmitter industry at the same time, independently innovates unceasingly, change the backward management concept and the development of thinking, and increase the productivity of the liquid level transmitter and product diversification, on the key equipment and key technology to meet market needs. At present, for the most part of the liquid level transmitter technology in China is still a generic abroad, only 5% of truly independent research and development 10%. Food packaging design machinery in our country lack of high-tech, high precision, high quality products, product performance is low, poor stability and reliability, lack of leading enterprises and domestic liquid level transmitter industry. Third, the brand road is a long-cherished wish everyone knows industry development brand is the soul of an enterprise. Now there are also the kinds of liquid level transmitter, but very few good food packaging liquid level transmitter brand. Liquid level transmitter industry should go now brand strategy, adhere to quality first, lays the foundation for its brand. Fruit industry of our country has a lot of beer filling production line enterprises, in the future, high visibility, big sales will show significant central tendency, some famous enterprises, famous brand is being gradually formed, the brand will be improve the overall level of industry of our country food liquid level transmitter of one of the way. Overlooking the world development about the liquid level transmitter, represented by information technology, modern science and technology update, higher requirements are put forward for the development, science and technology has along with the development of the emerging industries with high and new technology development, the liquid level transmitter fully reflected the manufacturing network, greening, motors, flexibility, intelligence and globalization, the development trend at the same time with strong characteristics of times. Foreign machinery manufacture have been aimed at the advanced manufacturing technology, vigorously introduced the functional diversity of liquid level transmitter
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