Liquid level meter, flow meter and other automation instrument failure (standard processing The appended drawings)

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-24
Especially modern chemical enterprises more and more high automation level, because of the petrochemical production pipelining, streamline, fully enclosed operation etc. , in the production process is closely related to the operation and testing instrument, the stability of the automation instrument and the reliable quality is very important in the process of personnel by detecting instrument display of various process parameters, such as temperature, material flow, pressure and liquid level of container, the composition of raw materials, etc. To determine the production process is normal, the quality of the product is unqualified, according to the instruction from the instrument to add quantity or production, or even stop. The abnormal situation in general instrument ( Instructions on the high side, low, do not change, is not stable, etc. ) , itself contains two factors: * first the technological factors, instrument correctly reflect the process of abnormal situation; Secondly, instrument factor, because the instrument ( Testing environment) A link failure cause indicates a do not tally with the actual process parameters. These two factors are always confuse together, where it is difficult to judge the fault exactly immediately appear. Instrument maintenance personnel to improve the fault judgment, in addition to the familiar with instrument principle, structure, performance features, also need to be familiar with every link in the measurement system. At the same time, the technological process and characteristics of medium, should understand the characteristics of the chemical equipment which can help the instrument maintenance personnel development train of thought, by the help in fault phenomena analysis, and judgment. Instrument fault judgement thinking pieces pieces temperature detection fault judgment fault phenomenon: temperature indication is not normal, high or low, or change slowly don't even change, etc. With thermal resistance as original measurements. * first should understand the status of the process, should ask technology personnel of the measured medium and instrument installation position, it is in the gas phase or liquid phase or other process conditions. Because is a failure in normal production, is not a new install thermal resistance, is in this paper, the thermal resistance wire polarity can be ruled out. Elimination of the above factors can judgment and inspection according to the following ideas. Y is N said no temperature instrument system common fault handling: ( 1) The temperature suddenly increases, this failure is thermal resistance (more Thermocouple) Break loose, terminal, Compensation) Wire broken, such as temperature failure causes, you need to know the location of the temperature and wiring layout, use multimeter resistance ( Millivolts) File in a different position measured several groups of data can quickly find out the reason. ( 2) Temperature suddenly decreases, the fault for the thermocouple or heat resistance failure caused by short circuit, wire short circuit and temperature. From the wiring, wire bend easily the vulnerabilities of out of order, one by one. The scene temperature, and general control instructions is changeless, much as the measuring element place has a low boiling point liquid ( Water) Caused by. ( 3) Temperature volatility or fast shock: at this time should be the main check the process operating conditions ( Involved in regulating the examination control system) 。 Pieces pieces flow detection fault judgment fault phenomenon: meter indication is not normal, high or low, or instruction is zero, indicating swings. In the case of differential pressure flow meter ( Orifice meter) Instrument maintenance personnel in treatment failure, operator to process information, understand the process conditions, such as the measured medium, pump condition and technological process, etc. Technology to drive through the detailed understanding, fault judgment and handling can be as shown below ideas for inspection. A common fault handling: (flow meter system 1) Small flow indicator values: generally caused by the following reasons: detecting element damage ( The zero point is too low. ; Show that there is a problem; Short circuit or open circuit; Positive pressure chamber wall or leakage; The system pressure is low; Participate in regulating parameters also check regulator, regulating valve and solenoid valve. ( 2) Flow indicator: the main reason is that the negative pressure chamber pressure system blocked or leakage. Transmitter may not need adjustments. ( 3) Don't participate in regulating flow volatility: parameters, for technology reason commonly; Involved in the regulation, can check controller PID parameters; With the parameters of the isolation tank, to check whether there is bubble led the pressure tube, pressure is as high as the fluid pressure tube. Pieces pieces pressure detection fault judgment fault phenomenon: a pump discharge instructions is not normal, high or low, or instruction is zero or not changes. By electric pressure transmitter, for example. * should first understand the measured medium is a gas or liquid, understand the technology driving conditions and simple technological process, according to the understanding of the process and instrument malfunctions for instrument failure diagnosis and treatment. About fault diagnosis and treatment according to the following train of thought for inspection.
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