How to use pressure transmitter

by:Kaidi Sensors     2021-02-07
Pressure transmitter use or have a lot of problems to pay attention to, if improper operation, it is very easy to affect the service life of the machine, and with the use of pressure transmitter, how to use, small make up to introduce for you, later to help people more clearly understand him. Prevent upper should also be installed in the process, so that the accumulated liquid injection process pipeline easily. Guide pressure pipe shall be installed where small temperature fluctuations. When measuring steam or other high temperature medium, need to add buffer tube ( Coil) Such as condenser, should not make the working temperature of more than the limit. Freezing in winter, when installed in outdoor anti-freezing measures must be taken in the transmitter, without pressure inside the liquid due to the icing volume expansion, causes loss of transmitter. When measuring the liquid pressure, the transmitter installation location should avoid the impact of the liquid ( Water hammer) In order to avoid overvoltage damage in the transmitter. Wiring, the cable through the waterproof connector or round tube and screw down the sealing nut, such as in case of rain through the cable leakage into the transmitter inside the shell. A simple description through the above content, believe everybody in the application domain of pressure transmitter, and the problems need to pay attention to when using had certain understanding, hope these content, can help you avoid some error when using, make the measurement more accurate.
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