Briefly describes the advantages of HART protocol applied in intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-23
So-called HART protocol, the full name is Highway Addressable Remote Transducer, is short for Highway Addressable Remote sensor, its characteristic is in not interfere with 4 ~ 20 ma analog signal at the same time allow two-way digital communications, first by the United States Rosemount company developed and supported by more than eighty famous instrument companies, why many test equipment require instrument with HART protocol, is determined by the advantage of the HART protocol. To gauge theory of this article is about the electromagnetic flowmeter with HART protocol application in production. General instrument because many of them are 4 ~ 20 ma analog signals, sometimes, the scene is widely distributed in, if according to the traditional way, go to the on-site calibration table, very troublesome. At that time, smart meters will produce communication requirements. As we all know, usually 4 ~ 20 ma signal transmission is far ( Within 1000 m) , so, in this superposition signal is better. May end in PLC series (a euro 250 or more About 230 ~ 600) Resistance, and then connect terminal, can remote reading meter current information, and the instrument parameters setting, zero and calibration of the specified point. The traditional serial signal is limited by distance, generally don't use, USES the words also USES the way of DCS. Some smart valve positioner can also use the HART communication. If you need, can choose in the instrument selection, are generally not choose hart or pulse, but pulse is not how to do. In line with the HART protocol of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter can not only realize all kinds of traffic detection and local display, instrument calibration or maintenance can be useful when HART hand, setting range scope, reset, damping values, and so on. Can also through the upper meter remote Settings, change the flow meter of zero and range, as well as complete self-diagnosis function, to the lavatory greatly the use and maintenance of flowmeter, which has strong market competitiveness. With HART communication protocol of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter hardware system circuit USES modular design, mainly includes the sensor module, MCU module, HART communication module and man-machine interface module four parts. Low-frequency excitation by the single chip microcomputer control to the excitation coil of the sensor output current, tiny electric potential at the same time from the electromagnetic flow sensor signal by AD modulus conversion after preamplifier circuit into the single chip microcomputer to. Single-chip computer for data collection, these signals analysis processing to the LCD screen display of the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow. And single chip microcomputer is obtained by calculation formula for flow value compensation, the compensation of traffic signal remote by HART communication module and the upper machine communication. The experiments show that the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter of the flow meter high integrated degree, strong function, easy operation, reliable performance; With functions of self-diagnosis, since the test data and HART communication function; Measurable positive and negative two direction flow and measurable pulsating flow; Resistance to electromagnetic interference and temperature performance is good, suitable for field measurement and display; Large measurement range and high accuracy. ( Instrument science and technology in this paper by embellish release, if you encounter any problems in the process of using the instrument, can call our domestic sales service hotline: 0517 - 86917118, we have * * personnel unriddling for you)
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