The turbine flowmeter in the points for attention during the installation and wiring requirements

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-27
Turbine flowmeter consists of turbine, bearings, preamplifier, display instrument of turbine flow meter for measuring liquid and measure gas meter products internal structure will be different, because the gas is strongly influenced by temperature and pressure, so usually high in measuring temperature of gas pressure compensation device to form a complete set of temperature, in order to improve the accuracy of measurement data. When the current impact turbine blade body, make the turbine to rotate, the turbine speed changes along with the change of flow rate, large flow, the speed of the turbine is also big, then through magnetoelectricity conversion device of the turbine speed is converted to the corresponding frequency pulses of electricity, after preamplifier amplification into display instrument to count and, according to the number of pulses per unit time and the cumulative pulse number can be calculated instantaneous flow and cumulative flow. Most customers use flange connection type installation, back directly and piping flange butt is ok, but we are still a little on the wiring and installation requirements need to be noticed. A wiring requirements 1, turbine flow meter. As far as possible using a complete cable. 2. The turbine meter wiring position as far as possible away from electrical noise ( Such as high power transformer, electric motor and the power cord) And parallel to the power the power cord wiring should be avoided. 3. Suggestions in the end of the thick wire adopts the tin welding clamping lugs. 4. The existing strong magnetic field outside the area, should make the axis of the detection device with the outside world vertical or the direction of the magnetic flux of the magnetic field with high permeability material for shielding etymology flow sensor or the outside world. 5. Good for waterproof and mechanical damage, the cable into the metal tube, but shall not be within the same catheter with high power transmission cables, ( A transmission cable transmission power is greater than the flowmeter signal cable transmission of small power 10 times, both cannot be installed on the same catheter) 。 6. Explosion-proof type turbine flowmeter sensor cable connection, must strictly abide by the relevant standards of explosion-proof amplifier. Second, the installation of the turbine flowmeter notice: 1. Transmitter use a metal shielding wire power cord, grounding is good and reliable. Power supply for dc 24 v, 650 & Omega; Impedance. 2. Should be installed in the transmitter, to avoid vertical installation and ensure that have to adapt to straight pipe before and after, generally in the first 10 d, 5 d. 3. To ensure that the fluid flow direction and the direction of arrow instrument shell, shall not be installed backwards. 4. Corrosion can not be made for turbine measured medium, especially the bearings, otherwise measures should be taken. 5. Pay attention to induction part cannot collision. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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