The status of the pressure transmitter in China now

by:KAIDI     2021-01-30
Pressure parameters measurement in China, has always been the focus of the process parameters testing, it was not just test pressure, also including negative pressure, absolute pressure and differential pressure detection, involving flow, liquid level, density, weight, resistance parameters, such as testing equipment, a quantity of the project can often reach hundreds of thousands of units, such as 1 million t/year, 10 million t/year ethylene refining a project alone the pressure transmitter quantity of an order for 8000 units, so it is more important in all automation instrument testing equipment and quantity of automatic device. In shandong province in the early pressure parameters measurement, in addition to the in situ pressure gauge, there are two types of equipment, one kind is JiDeShi pressure meter, another kind is the transmitter unit combination instrument type of instrument. JiDeShi pressure meter, water float type, double corrugated pipe, it will measure the parts, transformation, indicates the operation record part and may have a part, adjust all concentrated within the meter housing, so called JiDeShi instrument. Toxic mercury float type water silver instrument, mercury, for instrument operation and maintenance personnel health risk is bigger, the domestic in the late 1960 s has been eliminated, and the double corrugated pipe to replace mercury float type used to test the pressure, but because no remote transmission, large volume, range without reason, low accuracy, less dosage. Along with the development of instrument technology, the unit combination instrument, integrated the above JiDeShi instrument function of each function to the type of instrument, such as detection to complete in the transmitter, display to the indicator, logging to the recorder, operational function to the unit is completed, regulating function to the regulator, between various kinds of instrument, contact, the use of the standard unified signal, such as mA 4 ~ 20 mA, 0 ~ 10 mA, etc. This pressure transmitter ( 发射机) Was born, it can feel is the definition of physical quantity being measured and converted to the standards set by the signal according to certain rules of the device or devices, transmitter usually consists of a sensor and the signal converter. Measured pressure transmitter, differential pressure signal, measured parameters including pressure, differential pressure, absolute pressure, negative pressure, liquid level, density and so on. Kaidi as shandong pressure transmitter manufacturers strictly the quality of production safety is top priority. Production of each pressure transmitter transfeeder explosion-proof pressure transmitter explosion-proof quantitative loading system are through strict test and inspection.
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