The concrete measures of how to ensure sewage electromagnetic flowmeter measure performance

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-05
As the Chinese government for strengthening environmental protection, the central accelerate the construction of ecological civilization views. From & other; Strives for the survival & throughout; To & other; Throughout the ecological &; From & other; Looking forward to food & throughout; To & other; Looking forward to environmental protection & throughout; , the people of safe water, fresh air, the health of the environment demand more and more urgent. But pollution status quo, over mountains, both need to improve the system and strengthen law enforcement, need more national consensus, physically. Between heaven and earth, solidarity, but also home to a clean, a clear sky for the future. This requires each of the citizens, enterprises and social organizations to participate. For example, the author has learned from the Internet news shocked of ningxia, paper mills will be a large number of domestic papermaking wastewater discharge to the tengger desert pollution incident, the media has reported on has provoked people's debate, the local head of government and companies a total of 24 respectively by the national law and party discipline sanctions, although for domestic water pollution incidents within the scope of a lot of shocking, the incident is only the tip of the iceberg, but still let us see the central government for the determination of the environmental governance. For wastewater treatment is a important part of the environmental protection work, a lot of life and industrial sewage if not properly and standardized purification treatment, is directly or substandard housing, will inevitably impact on the environment caused great damage. In sewage treatment, sewage electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of widely used a sewage flow measurement device, has a special important significance for wastewater treatment engineering. Sewage electromagnetic flowmeter can be widely used in municipal water supplies, iron and steel, petroleum, chemical, electric power, industry, water conservancy, to take the water resources department of conductive liquid volume flow measurement, especially suitable for the channel, small river flow measurement and processing in the environmental protection sewage metering. Its application in the industry is very broad. Embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. Is an enterprise * * production wastewater of electromagnetic flowmeter, in the long-term customers for sewage treatment in the process of products and services, for the correct use and maintenance of sewage electromagnetic flowmeter has a unique understanding, then how to ensure the daily sewage electromagnetic flowmeter performance? Let us together to make a simple understanding. In the process of actual measurement, we know that water is fluid measurement, but with other fluid measurement is different, still in particular, we require sewage measuring instrument must have the following characteristics: sensor has simple structure, no throttling device, no congestion, suitable for all kinds of liquid containing solid particles and fibers, suspended solids measurements. Because of the complexity of considering the sewage liquid ingredients, sewage electromagnetic flowmeter of liquid material must be able to have a variety of options, can be used for all kinds of corrosive liquid measurement. For installation of sewage flowmeter is basic similar to the general flow meter installation requirements, can be installed in horizontal, vertical, oblique way, but must be able to achieve full tube measurement, make sure the measuring tube filled with liquid and no bubble, because liquid containing bubbles generated noise will seriously affect the measurement of the data is accurate. , use daily to ensure the water in the process of electromagnetic flowmeter performance, must be in daily in use process pay attention to some details. Sewage electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of instrument precision degree is high, the details of the problem that nots allow to ignore. Electromagnetic flowmeter is through the excitation line production; Circle of field work, so we * first attention should be paid to avoid affect the electromagnetic signal is ferromagnetic objects have some high voltage equipment, magnetic field so as not to affect the whole normal application of the sensor, especially magnetic field and affect the entire work flow signal. Want to know if the magnetic field around a strong, so the whole performance of flowmeter will also be affected. Second, daily in the use of sewage electromagnetic flowmeter also should pay attention to a principle, that is to try to install it in a few more ventilated place, but it is important to pay special attention to the don't sharp, otherwise very easy to cause the cannot normal use, and affect their normal use performance, so it is important to note that when operating daily, try to make the whole wastewater electromagnetic flowmeter have a plenty of space, so that more conducive to testing and daily maintenance, also is to improve the distribution of the flowmeter can say there will be a big help. The principle diagram of the electromagnetic flowmeter sewage electromagnetic flowmeter principle figure note: sewage electromagnetic flowmeter is not allowed in the measuring tube directly install valve, elbow and other great change before and after fluid flow components. If you need to install the valve in the pipeline before and after the sewage flow meter, elbow and other parts should also keep straight pipe length. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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