The classification and working principle of flow meter

by:KAIDI     2021-02-20
Flowmeter classification according to the principle of measuring points are: principle of mechanics, thermology, acoustics principle, principle of principle of electrical, optical, atomic physics, and etc. Classified according to the structure principle of flow meter, which is divided into: volumetric flowmeter, differential pressure flow meter, flow meter, turbine flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, fluid oscillation flowmeter in vortex flowmeter and mass flowmeter and inserted into the meter, probe flowmeter. The working principle and application of commonly used flowmeter 1. Differential pressure flowmeter is based on differential pressure flowmeter installation in pipe flow test to generate differential pressure, fluid known conditions and the set of test pieces and pipeline size to calculate the flow meter. Application: wide application range, differential pressure type flowmeter in flow measurement in a closed pipe of various objects are used, such as fluid aspects: single phase, miscible, clean, dirt and viscous flow, etc. ; Work: the atmospheric pressure and high pressure, vacuum, normal temperature, high temperature, low temperature, etc. ; Diameter: from a few millimeters to several meters; Flows, subsonic, sonic, pulsating flow and so on. It accounts for about the amount of flowmeter in various industry departments all the dosage of 1/4 ~ 1/3. 2. Flow meter is also called the rotor flowmeter, float flowmeter is a kind of variable area flowmeter, under a main scale upward vertical cone tube, the circular cross section of float type under the liquid force of gravity, which can float freely in the cone tube rises and falls. Application: float flowmeter is second only to differential pressure type flowmeter application scope the broad class of flowmeter, especially in the small, micro flow has important role. 3. Volumetric flowmeter displacement meter, also known as fixed displacement meter, referred to as 'PD flowmeter, the flow meter which is the highest class of accuracy, it USES mechanical measuring element to divide fluid continuously into the volume of a single known part, according to the measuring chamber of successive repeatedly the number of full of emissions and the volume of fluid to measure the total fluid volume. Application: volumetric flowmeter and differential pressure type flow meter and flow meter and largest flowmeter as three kinds of usage, often used in expensive medium ( Oil, natural gas, etc. ) The amount of measurement. 4. Turbine meter turbine flowmeter is the main species in the speed of flowmeter, it adopts multi blade rotor ( Turbine) Feel the fluid average flow velocity, is derived from and total flow or instrument. Usually it consists of two parts, sensor and display instrument, also can make integral. Application: turbine flowmeter in measuring oil, organic liquid and inorganic liquid, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas and cryogenic fluid for a wide range of applications. 5. Electromagnetic flowmeter electromagnetic flowmeter is made according to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction is a kind of measuring liquid conductivity meter. Applications: electromagnetic flowmeter has a series of excellent properties, can solve the problem of other flow meter is not easy to apply, such as dirt flow, corrosion flow measurement. The electromagnetic flowmeter application field widely, large diameter instrument is more applied in water supply and drainage engineering; Small and medium caliber is often used in high demand or dangerous situations, such as iron and steel industry blast furnace tuyere cooling water control, papermaking industry to measure the pulp and black liquor, strong corrosive liquid, chemical industry non-ferrous metallurgical industry of pulp; Small diameter, small diameter is often used in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, biochemistry and places of health requirements. 6. Vortex street flowmeter vortex flowmeter is placed in the fluid a streamlined swim body vortex, fluid in the event of a body on both sides of the separation alternately releases two series of rules of staggered vortex of the instrument. When the flow section of a certain, the velocity is proportional to the volume flow guide. Therefore, measuring flow oscillation frequency can be measured. Application: vortex flowmeter is developing rapidly, now has become a general class of flowmeter. 7. Ultrasonic flowmeter ultrasonic flowmeter is based on the speed of ultrasonic wave propagation in a flow medium is equal to the average of the measured medium geometry and the principle of velocity and acoustic velocity itself. It is by the flow rate to reflect the size of the flow. According to the measuring principle, the ultrasonic flowmeter is divided into the time difference and doppler. Application: application of travel time clean, single-phase liquid and gas. Typical applications are factory emissions liquid, strange liquid, liquefied natural gas (LNG), etc. ; Gas applications use good experience in the field of high pressure gas; Doppler method is suitable for the heterogeneous content is not too high a two phase fluid, such as untreated sewage and factory emissions, dirty process liquid, usually does not apply to a very clean liquid. 8. Quality score two kinds of direct and indirect mass flow meter. Direct type mass flowmeter by using the principle of mass flow rate directly related to measuring; Indirect mass flowmeter with density meter and indirect multiplication for volume flow to mass flow. Application: in the modern industrial production in the case of high temperature and high pressure, due to reasons such as material and structure, direct the application of quality flowmeter in trouble; And indirect mass flowmeter due to restricted by humidity and pressure scope, density is also not good practical application. 9. Working principle of the insert insert flowmeter flowmeter is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. In the electromagnetic flowmeter, the measuring tube conductive medium is equivalent to conducting metal rods in the Faraday experiment, up and down at the ends of the two electromagnetic coils generate constant magnetic field. When conducting medium flows, the induced voltage is produced.
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